Top 10 Blog Posts of 2020 from KORONA POS: Must-Reads for Retailers


Well, here we are. Finally at the end of a year that seemed to somehow fly by while at the same time holding out as long as possible to throw us all one last sucker punch.

Sadly, too many small businesses were unable to make it through the past 9 months. But we’re hopeful that 2021 will offer a reprieve and allow many of those business owners who shuttered their doors to start a new venture. And the combination of the latest stimulus package and the development of a vaccine means that we likely have one final hump to get over before really getting back to normal.

Here at KORONA POS, we have a lot to be thankful for (aside from having to contemplate a name change!). We doubled our team this year alone, have vastly expanded our customer base, added key new integrations and partnerships, built significant software updates, and won several awards for our support team. We’ll continue to provide an even better service in 2021 and hope to help each of our customers thrive and expand.

One way we do this is through our blog! So let’s take a look back at our 10 most popular blogs for the year.

#10 – How to Reduce Operating Expenses

Unsurprisingly, a whole lot of small businesses were looking for ways to trim back the fat on their budgets a bit this year. Once you take the time to break down your budget and see exactly where every penny is going you’ll probably realize just how feasible it is to save a whole lot of money.

Improve automation, negotiate with vendors, cancel unused services, use free tools and services, and keep inventory optimized to keep your budget controlled in 2021.

#9 – How to Grow a Retail Business

Encouragingly, a lot of our readers were looking at ways to expand their business. Getting a new business started and established is the hard part. The expansion part is a whole lot easier.

We work with our businesses to ensure a seamless expansion with data transfers, consolidated inventory, stock transfers, multi-location loyalty, and a whole lot more. Reach out if you’re thinking about adding a new location or sales channel in 2021.

#8 – mPOS vs. POS

The world of retail POS hardware has evolved rapidly. One area that brick and mortar stores are investing more in is mobile terminals and peripherals.

Mobile payments systems, tablets, and wireless devices make your checkout area more flexible and versatile. Learn more about what exactly and mPOS system can offer and how it’s different from a traditional point of sale solution.

#7 – Coffee Shop Designs for Small Spaces

One way that a lot of small businesses have cut back on operating costs is by finding smaller retail spaces. Coffee shops, especially, have embraced this trend.

Add a takeout window, improve lighting, take advantage of wall space, minimize your checkout area, and downsize bulky equipment to create a more efficient operation and use of space. This blog focuses on coffee shops, but most items on the list apply to any business type.

#6 – Increase Liquor Store Sales

We don’t know the final numbers yet, but 2020 was a lot more friendly for liquor store businesses than most others. Entrepreneurs certainly took notice – thousands of new small liquor stores have opened across the country.

But getting shoppers in your doors is still a difficult hurdle. That’s why it’s critical to make the most of every single shopper that comes through your doors. Check out these 5 simple ways to boost your average transaction value. Again, these can apply to various retail verticals.

#5 – Retail Inventory Turnover

One of the best ways to save your business money is by optimizing your turnover ratios and running more efficient inventory management. Poor inventory management can lead to a whole slew of problems, both immediate and long-term.

Learn how to get your inventory in order with this guide. A lot of it can be solved with the right POS software and inventory management system.

#4 – The Complete Retail Dictionary

It seems like our readers had a bit more time on their hands during 2020. Our 96 term retail dictionary came in at the fourth most popular post.

Learn about cannibalization (the retail kind), cross-merchandising, FIFO, tribetailing, PCI compliance, and 91 other common terms.

#3 – Top 10 KPIs

One of our oldest blog post, our list of the top 10 most important retail KPIs continues to be a popular post. Learn about what reports and metrics are worth running. And learn how to run them easily through your point of sale. A great solution makes breaking down your data fast and simple.

#2 – Customer Complaints and Resolutions

Among many other unsavory things, 2020 was the year of the Karen. And it seems our retailers ran into quite a few of these beasts in the wild.

In this post, we break down 8 of the most common types of complaints and how you and your team can best respond to prevent escalation. Start this one with a deep breath.

#1 – How to Start a Business Guides

We decided to give our top spot to our list of how-to guides for new businesses. It was great to see so many of our readers looking into starting new businesses despite what a difficult year it’s been. From smoke shops and dispensaries to wineries and bookstores, we’re anticipating a great 2021 for new businesses.

We wish all of you the happiest of New Years and look forward to a better 2021.


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