Ecommerce POS System

Scale Your Business By Taking Your Store Online

Seamless Integration, Complete Control, and Unlimited Scalability

Online Storefront




Online Storefront

No Developer Required

Don’t worry, web hosting is handled and maintained for you. However, customized site management is simplified so you still have control of managing your products and marketing tasks.

Enjoy Multi-Location Support

Easily sync product inventory from KORONA POS for all locations. In addition, your website allows your customers to shop for products at the nearest location to them or products at your other locations.

Have a Complete eCommerce Website

Integrate your branding and marketing using pre-built, mobile-friendly themes. Along with having different pages for a complete website, including home, about, blog, and product pages.

Shopping and Checkout

Tools to Sell Online

Efficiently accept credit cards, print shipping labels, and more.  Add global online discounts or even set product limits for your customers. It’s easy to customize the shopping process.

Pre-Order or Shipping

You can charge for shipping online orders or remove the cost to pre-orders when items are picked up on site. We make it easy for you to keep your shoppers happy.

Add Optional Age Restriction

Depending on your business type, KORONA POS allows you to require shoppers to verify their age before they can continue onto your eCommerce site.


Construct Digital Displays

Create custom slideshow displays for all locations and remotely manage content. Build various eCommerce landing pages unique to your business and products.

Control Your Own Marketing

Control your eCommerce marketing through from KORONA POS. Add online promotions, personalized product suggestions, discounted pricing, and highlighted products.

Build-In SEO

In addition to automated sitemaps to encourage Google to products, your pages will have proper headings, titles, and meta tags for search engine optimization.

Product Management

Organize Product Information

Merge your products from KORONA POS into your website and categorize them by size, color, weight, fabric, etc. Add descriptions, images, product numbers and quantities to further customize your product listings.

Admission Ticketing

Be able to brand QR codes through emails or SMS messaging to support admission tickets.  Allow your customers to shop your gift shop and buy tickets online from all of your venues.

Product Awareness and Catalog

Make shopping easier for customers with a smart catalog with custom filters you set for products. Let them subscribe to an email list to know when any products out of stock come back in.

An eCommerce integration through your point of sale system.

KORONA POS offers retailers a powerful eCommerce solution through WooCommerce. It brings the best of both worlds to the table, connecting your eCommerce site with the KORONA POS software. This allows you to manage all aspects of your physical and online store from your point of sale back office.

Automatic Inventory Updates

Automatically update and receive inventory and pricing to your website with KORONA POS. Make ordering, receiving, pricing, and promotions easier.

Easy eCommerce Marketing

Market your products and create promotions on your landing pages straight through your KORONA POS system and see each campaign’s success.

Organized Sale Platforms

Keep your multi-store platforms organized with inventory syncing between your brick and mortar and online store. Simplify shopping for your customers.

Complete Brand Customization

With the KORONA POS eCommerce solution, enjoy your retail website with personalized branding, editorials, marketing, and a menu of products.

“I have never worked with a company that has been as focused on customer service. When we call KORONA POS, the response is phenomenal.”

– Jennifer B.

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Why KORONA POS Customers Are So Happy

Scale to Multiple Stores and Platforms

Our cloud POS software system is built with room to grow. Whether you decide to open new locations or franchise your store, KORONA POS can scale with you. You no longer have to worry about outgrowing your POS system.

24/7 Customer Support

We’re a tight-knit team and take pride in how much we care about each customer. You’ll recognize that right away from our in-house product specialist team, who will help walk everyone through their initial POS and eCommerce shop setup.

No Contracts or Extra Fees

Get the most out of your investment with no upfront costs or hidden fees. Our monthly subscription starts at $49/month. You’ll never have to sign a contract with us either. Subscriptions can always stay simply month-to-month.

Advanced Features and tools

Fit for your business needs

Customer Relationship Management

Build your loyalty program and customer relationship management right from your POS system.


Outperform your competition by leveraging a point of sale system with a truly custom eCommerce solution.


KORONA POS software scales with your business and helps you expand to new locations.

Hardware and Cash Register

Learn which cash register POS system is best for your unique business. With KORONA POS, you have options for your point of sale hardware.

Inventory Management

KORONA POS offers the most powerful and sophisticated inventory management point of sale software on the market.

Loss Prevention

Reduce retail theft with the right POS loss prevention system.

Loyalty Program

Entice your frequent customers to keep coming back.


KORONA POS scales with your business and helps you expand.


Offer various payment options from your point of sale software to provide the most for your customers.

Reporting and Analytics

Get better insight into your business with real time analytics across all of your locations.

Self-Checkout kiosks

Say goodbye to long lines and expensive labor with a more productive and cost-effective way to check out customers.


Get the best point of sale software with KORONA POS and build a better business starting today.

24/7 Support

Our support team is here for you. A subscription with KORONA POS always comes with 24/7 support for each of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an eCommerce and a POS software integration?

eCommerce is a online business platform and a POS system is where transactions are processed. When both are integrated, it creates a streamlined solution for businesses to operate, sell, and make transactions online.

Do you have to have a POS system for an online store?

To make transactions online, you need to use point of sale software. However, you won’t necessarily need POS hardware to accept payments because transactions will be made through your eCommerce site.

Does my business need a eCommerce integration?

Having a eCommerce integration, will allow you to scale your business to another selling platform rather than just in-person. If you choose to only sell in-person at a brick and mortar type of store, then you do not have to have eCommerce integration.

Is cloud POS software as service?

Typically, cloud point of sale systems are sold as subscription services, meaning the customer pays a monthly or annual fee for the software. In return, they get automated updates to any changes to the software and free customer support for the duration of the subscription.

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