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The Top POS System for Your Business

When it comes to selecting the best point of sale solution for your business it is crucial to pay attention to the details. A new POS system should an all-in-one solution for your shop.


KORONA’S POS Software Is All in the Cloud

Your Daily Rush? No Problem.

Any successful business owner knows how important checkout efficiency can be. KORONA has the quickest average checkout time in the industry. Cashiers can give more energy and attention to your customers with your fast POS system software.

Reporting in Real-Time

KORONA’s POS inventory system back-office is continually updated and accessible remotely. This is a bonus for any business, but especially for businesses with more than one location. The ability to evaluate live activities from any location, day and night, allows business owners to take action immediately.

No Hidden Fees

Fees are often embedded within support upgrades, contracts or credit card processing. KORONA does not require a contract, works with any processor and all support is already included with your POS software solution.

KORONA is the Top POS Solution for Your Business

Select a business type below to find out how the right POS software can help you achieve your business goals.

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POS Tools and Features That Streamline Business Operations

KORONA’s POS system software gets continuous improvements without the need to upgrade. Your business can stay ahead at all times.

  • Quick and Easy POS

  • Integrated Payments

  • Customer Display

  • Works Offline

  • Smart Back Office

  • Data and Analytics in Real-Time

  • Business Automation

  • POS Inventory Management

  • Time Tracking

  • Commission Tracking

  • Employee Permissions

  • Advanced Promotions


We’ve integrated KORONA with our time clocks. We’ve gotten rid of our time clock manager, and the integrated time solution has saved our bookkeeper time, which saves us money. The online ordering that we have been able to get with KORONA has decreased our lines outside of our store by 30-40 percent. I can’t say enough good things with KORONA.

Steve Lee (GTG)

I love that this software is flexible enough to conform to any business workflow. Most of the popular cloud-based point of sale solutions that I have tried are very rigid in their ability to adapt to your needs.

Clark Morgan (RTS), via SoftwareAdvice

What Is a POS System?

A point of sale, or POS, system is a tool used to consolidate business operations and data. Essentially, it’s the hub of all business procedures. Among many other things, the software stores data, manages POS inventory software, and processes transactions. The hardware is used on location and serves as the physical point of transactions. Together, the point of sale system is much more powerful than a traditional cash register, serving a broader role than simply processing the exchange of money. In fact, an exceptional POS can help your business grow, by increasing revenue, improving efficiency, and satisfying each customer’s needs.

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