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Bookstore Inventory Management

Bookstores have a lot of inventory to sift through and keep in order. With a great inventory management system, adding, removing, or editing your product list is remarkably easy. You can transfer your entire product list to new locations, and you can sort your catalogs by different categories: author name, genre, hard/soft cover, and time period, to name a few.

Build and Integrate Your Loyalty Program

Reward your best customers with gifts that they will love and keep in touch via SMS or email marketing integrated into your loyalty program. Institute a point-based system and membership discounts. Your bookshop POS should take care of your customer relationship management, including sales history, basic profile information, and reader interests.

Integrate with an eCommerce Store

Even though brick and mortar bookstores are still thriving, it’s important to provide an omnichannel shopping experience. Online bookstores don’t have to replace your sales, but they can certainly supplement them. Find a point of sale where you can manage both channels and keep your inventory consolidated and synced. Take advantage of the many more platforms available today to reach customers.

Important Metrics and Reporting

A cloud-based bookstore POS allows you to access important data from any location or device. This comes with numerous detailed reports that feature important retail performance indicators. Manage your shelves, price products well, and run strategic promotions to improve your profit margins. You’re able to spend less time in the back office and more time helping your customers and keeping them happy.

Key Features For Bookstore POS Systems

Our POS system for bookstores will update with new software as soon as we release a new version. With your flat monthly subscription, you’ll always know that you have the latest tools and most important features. It’s simple and affordable.

Vendor Relations and Automation

Customer Relationship Management

Multi-Vertical Options

Theft Prevention Tools

Order Preferences and Histories

Accounting Software Integration

eCommerce Integration

Bookstore Promotional Pricing

Contactless and EMV Payments

Stock Reports and Order Automation

Cashier Reports and Access Levels

KORONA POS Software on Terminal Hardware

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Advanced POS Software for Bookstores

Scale to Multiple Locations Easily

If you build a great bookstore, that might mean many more great locations. When that happens, KORONA POS system will easily and accurately transfer all of your inventory and data.

Zero Installation Fees or Contracts

Your bookstore can rest easy knowing exactly how much your POS system will cost you. Never worry about extra fees, installation charges, training costs, or burdensome contracts.

Free In-House Tech Support, Anytime

Our support team is here to help, day and night. If you need assistance troubleshooting, learning how to use new features, or even setting up a promotion, we’re here.


What is a bookstore POS system?

A bookstore POS system processes all sales, manages inventory, produces sales reports, and improves overall business efficiency. The system’s software runs on integrated hardware.

How does a bookstore POS system work?

A point of sale for bookstores have unique software for book management and ordering. The point of sale is meant to improve owners understanding of their business and help increase overall sales.

What is bookstore inventory management?

Inventory management is all done through the POS system. The inventory management can automate ordering, identify best and worst sellers, improve warehouse efficiency, and manage vendor relations.

How can a bookstore point of sale software grow sales?

Through better inventory management and sales metric and analytics, bookstore owner can gain a better understanding of their business and products. The information can be easily translated to direct action that will improve store performance.

What are some bookstore point of sale features?

Standard features for bookstore POS systems include robust inventory management, product analytics, custom employee permissions, loyalty programs, processing of sales, and more.

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