POS Merchant Services

Have the freedom to choose your rates with KORONA POS.

Optimize Payment Solutions

Take Control of Point of Sale Payment Processing and Merchant Services

Get Flexibility for Your Business Needs

Unlike many POS companies, KORONA POS doesn’t force your business to use a certain merchant service provider and their rates. Enjoy the flexibility and freedom to find a better POS merchant service provider.

Save Money with Competitive Rates

Without being locked into a rate, shop around and negotiate the best rates from different payment processors. This can end up saving your business hundreds of dollars in transaction fees.

CC Processing Agnostic

Benefits of KORONA POS Merchant Services

We understand the importance of flexibility and choice when it comes to credit card processing. Our credit card processing agnostic approach empowers businesses by offering the following benefits:

Freedom to Choose

With KORONA POS, you have the freedom to choose your preferred merchant service provider. Shop around for the best rates and services that meet your business needs, giving you full control over your payment processing.

Seamless Integration

Our POS system seamlessly integrates with various merchant services, allowing you to effortlessly connect with your chosen merchant. This ensures a smooth and efficient payment process for both you and your customers.

Enhanced Security

By being credit card processing agnostic, KORONA POS prioritizes data security. Select a merchant service provider with robust security measures, ensuring the safety of your customers’ sensitive payment info.

Merchant Adaptability

As your business evolves, your payment processing requirements may change. Your business can continue to grow with KORONA POS and integrate with a new merchant service provider without disruption.

“I have never worked with a company that has been as focused on customer service. When we call KORONA POS, the response is phenomenal.”

– Jennifer B.

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Why KORONA POS Customers Are So Happy

Scale Business into More Locations

Our cloud POS software system is built with room to grow. Whether you decide to open new locations or franchise your store, KORONA POS can scale with you. You no longer have to worry about outgrowing your POS system.

24/7 Customer Support

We’re a tight-knit team and take pride in how much we care about each customer. You’ll recognize that right away from our in-house product specialist team, who will help walk everyone through their initial POS shop setup.

No Contracts or Extra Fees

Get the most out of your investment with no upfront costs or hidden fees. Our monthly subscription starts at $49/month. You’ll never have to sign a contract and subscriptions always stay simply month-to-month.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I integrate my preferred merchant service provider with KORONA POS?

The KORONA POS team will provide instructions and dedicated support to help you seamlessly connect your chosen merchant service provider with our POS system.

Can I switch my merchant service provider with KORONA POS?

Yes, KORONA POS allows you to shop around for merchant services that best suits your business needs. If you want to switch providers, please contact your sales representative to help you.

Will choosing my own merchant affect the functionality of KORONA POS?

Not at all. KORONA POS is designed to work seamlessly with various merchant service providers, ensuring that your choice of merchant does not compromise the functionality of the POS system. KORONA POS also has numerous trusted merchant partners that we can recommend to get you the best rate.

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CRM and Loyalty

Build your loyalty program and customer relationship management right from your POS system.


Outperform your competition by leveraging a point of sale system with a truly custom eCommerce solution.

Franchise and Multi-Locations

KORONA POS software scales with your business and helps you expand to new locations.

Hardware and Cash Register

Learn which cash register POS system is best for your unique business. With KORONA POS, you have options for your point of sale hardware.

Inventory Management

KORONA POS offers the most powerful and sophisticated inventory management point of sale software on the market.

Loss Prevention

Reduce retail theft with the right POS loss prevention system.

Loyalty Program

Entice your frequent customers to keep coming back.


KORONA POS scales with your business and helps you expand.


Offer various payment options from your point of sale software to provide the most for your customers.

Reporting and Analytics

Get better insight into your business with real time analytics across all of your locations.

Self-Checkout kiosks

Say goodbye to long lines and expensive labor with a more productive and cost-effective way to check out customers.


Get the best point of sale software with KORONA POS and build a better business starting today.

24/7 Support

Our support team is here for you. A subscription with KORONA POS always comes with 24/7 support for each of our customers.