Kassensysteme für Kiosk und Einzelhandel

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KORONA.pos Cloud is the only solution that effectively managed to combine the advantages of a enterprise client-server solution and an all-in-one register. Manage your business from the office, at home or on the go.  KORONA.pos Cloud is everywhere, convenient, fast and secure!

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Data Exchange
Order Portal, CRM-Integration, Loyalty-Programs, QuickBooks, EDI, XML, Excel, CSV

Core Data
Products, Inventory, Commodity Groups, Tax Categories, Price Groups, Assortments, Currencies, Store-Locations, Economic Zones, Multiple Language Support, Customers, Employees, Cashiers, Accounts

Product Data
Description, Package Quantities, Base Price, Order Data, Product Combinations, Product Sets, Alternative Sectors, Tax Rates, Warantee Information, Vendor Information, Add-On Products, Product Tags, Allergy Information, Ingredients, Deposit, Receipt Text, Customer Information, Multiple Suppliers, Multiple Purchase and Retail Prices, Multiple Product Codes, In-Store Codes, Price and Shelf Labels, Product Images, Age Restriction

Points of Sale, Printer, Payment Terminals, Customer Display, Scanner, Handhelds, Cashier Login Cards, Custom Button Layouts

Customer Engagement
Track Customers, Customer Groups, Price Rules, Promotions, Discounts, Customer Cards, Gift Cards, Couponing, Customer Orders, Cross Channel, Loyalty-Integration, CRM-Integration

Reports and Statistics
Revenue, Receipts, Points of Sale, End of Day Procedures, Employees, Staff Discounts, Commission, Payment Methods, Analysis

Commission Rules, Loss Prevention, Cashier Reporting, Cashier Comparison, Void/Return Evaluation


Kassensysteme mit Geld Zurück Garantie

More Revenue and Full Satisfaction – or Money Back

Customer satisfaction is very important to us! If you are not happy with our solution you request a full refund for software fees within 60 days. This process is very simple.  Just reach out to us regarding your refund and we will set everything in motion.

Optional Modules

Inventory Management, Inventory Count Automation, Generated Count Sheets, Inventory Evaluation, Annual Inventory Counts, Perpetual Inventory Counts,Multi-Store Inventory Tracking,Suppliers, Assortment Control, Conditions, Order Optimizing, Order Templates, Orders, Dispatch Notifications, Receiving, Stock Receipts, Automated Order Cycles, Order Quantity Calculation, Order Point Calculation, Restock Level Optimization, Supplier Interface Integration, EDI, WebEDI, Employee Time Tracking
per POS per month
Table Service, Graphical Table Layout, Server, Course-Management, Kitchen Orders, Bar Orders, Check Splitting, Order App, Employee Time Tracking
per POS per month
Extended Store Management, Hierarchical Store-Manager, Custom Store Pricing, Advanced Store Comparison, Best-By Dates, Store Ranking,Key Performance Indicators, ABC-Analysis, ABC-Supplier Analysis, Assortment Optimization, Assortment Cleanup, Order Quantity Optimization, Order Point Optimization, Automatic Daily Reports via EMail
per POS per month
Ticket Printing, Day Passes, Season Passes, Event Management, Event Configuration, Entry Gates, Ticket Verification, Ticket Redemption
per entry point per month
Franchiser, Franchisees, Custom Franchise Royalties, Revenue Bases Royalties, Product Syncing, Separate Purchase and Retail Prices , International Franchising
per franchisee per month
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