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Manage with an all-in-one System

KORONA POS has an extensive inventory management system. Avoid over-stocking and under-stocking any of your products with stock notifications. Set automated ordering based on product levels. Your toy or craft store will always have the products you need for your customers.

Many consumers are converting to online shopping, so bring the arts and crafts online for your customers.  KORONA POS is fully and is seamlessly integrated with multiple eCommerce retail platforms like WooCommerce. Have control of your branding and scale your hobby store.

Add and adjust new prices and deals from your point of sale system with ease. Create weekly or limited-time offers on certain products and make changes to just one store or all of your stores. Fully customize your sales to your inventory and hobby shop.

Stay up-to-date with automatic software updates and never worry about having the latest secure software. Be able to access your back office reports and inventory anywhere through an internet connected device, giving you or your managers flexible convenience.

Incredibly user-friendly. Their support is awesome with helping in every way. They have grown a lot since we first signed up, but we still get their great customer service. There is very little to complain about. There are a lot of functions that are very intuitive.


All Terrain Equipment

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Dynamic POS Tools and Features

A Reliable and Efficient Hobby Shop POS System

With KORONA POS software-as-a-service, you’ll receive any software updates and upgrades without ever having to request them or pay a single penny. Make sure that your craft, toy, hobby store has the best point of sale software on the market.

Individual Employee Reporting

Loyalty Program Integration Options

Quickbooks Compatibility

Email Marketing and CRM Features

Automated Ordering Features

Discount and Promotional Pricing

eCommerce Integration

Payroll & Time Tracking Assistance

Manage Cashier Permissions

Hobby Shop Remote Point of Sale Access

Stock Reports and Inventory Metrics

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Get Remote access

Stay informed of your hobby shop anywhere.

  • Access the back office point of sale, KORONA Studio, on the go.
  • Scale your hobby shop into multi-locations with one POS system.
  • View live sale and data reports from any location.
  • Track on-site inventory and performance without being present.

A Cloud-Based POS System Craft, Hobby, and Toy Stores

Software as a Service (SaaS)

KORONA POS software is constantly improving, and we don’t believe you should have to purchase new and expensive software every six months just to keep up. Any upgrades to our software are automatic and included with your subscription.

24/7 Customer Support

There are inevitable hiccups in any business operation. That’s why a subscription to KORONA POS includes phone, email, and chat support. Our award-winning support team is here to help your hobby or craft store get set up, trained, and solve any problems you have with your POS.

No Hidden Fees or Contracts

All of our customers can start with a free trial and demonstration from one of our team members. You’ll never be forced into a long-term contract or tricked into hiding transaction fees. We even let you choose your own credit processor!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, hobby and craft stores can be very profitable depending on the location and competition in the area. A. store can also provide generalized hobby items or have more of a niche type of craft that is popular and needed.

Some advantages with a modern contactless payment terminal for your shop include: better security, faster check-out process, and convenience for your customers if they forget their wallet, they can pay with their personal device.

Your hobby shop inventory management system can keep track of stock levels and identify trends. It shows which items in your craft or toy store are selling best and can automatically reorder them to prevent a stock out. In addition, KORONA POS advanced inventory management system will show which items are not moving and is recommended to be discontinued.

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