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Take charge of your Hardware Store

Keeping every nail, bolt, and screw in order might seem like a tall task. But it’s not when you have the right POS system. With KORONA POS inventory management software is powerful. And we’re always updating it to make it even better. It can be synced, categorized, or analyzed all with a few clicks. Keep your shelves stocked with the right hardware store point of sale solution.

However you’re thinking about scaling your store, KORONA POS will make it easier. Scaling to multi-stores is easy with product transfers and syncing. But the system also comes with franchising features and commission structures. Finally, the hardware POS software can integrate with eCommerce platforms so that you can easily move your store online, too.

Unlike many modern point of sale systems, KORONA POS is payment processing agnostic. This means you have the choice of any merchant service provider that you please. It’s important to avoid binding and costly contracts with your credit card processing service. So keep your options open and shop around for the best deal.

With such a vast array of products, it’s important to understand those that are essential for your customer base. Test out different items through our advanced sales metrics. Our retail management tool will help you pinpoint your most and least productive products and improve your ordering and pricing.

KORONA POS is great for my needs in the retail environment. POS and back-end cooperation are pretty handy to have. I can see what the status of the inventory is, and order directly from the software. This allows me to check the inventory immediately when it arrives at the retail store location.



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Dynamic POS Tools and Features

A Reliable and Efficient Hardware POS System

KORONA POS provides a software-as-a-service. This means that with a simple monthly subscription you’ll get all software updates automatically downloaded to each terminal. You will always have the very best tools and features fully integrated into your retail solution.

Automatic Inventory Reorders

Automatic Software Updates

Hardware Store POS Permissions

Tool Shop Inventory Management

Franchisor and Franchisee Capabilities

Track Individual Employee Sales

Hardware Store Advanced CRM Features

Accounting and Loyalty Integration Options

Cloud-Accessible Data

Modern Payment Options

Easy Discount and Promotional Pricing

Manage Remotely

View your hardware store wherever, with KORONA Studio.

  • Enjoy the flexibility of managing on the go with an internet service device.
  • Add and adjust employee permission without being on-site.
  • Monitor store performance with real-time data and sale reports.
  • Track live inventory and stock levels effortlessly for any location.

A Powerful POS System for Hardware Stores

Free Installation and Training

With so many features, we don’t expect any of our customers to know how to navigate the back office tools with no training. That’s why we’ll walk you through all of the steps of installation and any tools that your hardware store will benefit from. Make the most out of your point of sale.

Free Support Around the Clock

We have a great team of in-house product specialists that are here for each of our customers 24/7. You can’t afford to not process payments. And we’re here to make sure that never happens. It’s that simple. Call, text, or email us any time, any day, at no extra charge.

No Binding Contracts or Hidden Fees

With KORONA POS, your contract is strictly month-to-month. We never want a business to be stuck in an unhelpful situation. And we do the same with your credit card processing. We partner with hundreds of merchant services and will help you find the solution that is best for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many hardware store POS systems are credit card processors which can come with disadvantages such as having high processing fees. Other point of sale systems do not come with a credit card processor but are partnered with many different merchant service providers which can give business owners more flexibility.

Tool shop inventory management
Hardware flexibility
Hardware store POS permissions
Franchisor and franchisee capabilities
Automatic inventory reorder

Your hardware store point of sale tech support are there to help you navigate your entire system including the back end. They can walk you through installation, new software updates, and training your staff to familiarize with all the functions of your point of sale.

Some key integrations for your hardware store you’ll find helpful is the ability to integrate with eCommerce platforms, payroll and accounting, and loyalty programs.

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