Antique Store POS System

Manage vintage inventory and sales effortlessly.

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Take charge of Anitique Store operations

At KORONA POS, we understand the unique challenges of running an antique store. That’s why we have developed a POS solution designed to meet the needs of antique store and mall owners . With an antique store POS system, take your sales and business to a new level.

Track, manage, and update vintage items and rare collectibles. Keep an accurate record of your antique items, including their descriptions, prices, and unique features. Save valuable time by automating inventory management tasks and stay up-to-date on what your antique store has in stock with live inventory.

With KORONA POS, create custom sales invoices, process transactions, and accept various payment methods effortlessly. The KORONA POS software is easy to teach staff and navigate the system, allowing for a seamless antique buying customer experience and faster checkout times.

Get access to your antique store’s performance and data through the back office point of sale, KORONA Studio. Pull live reports and data to make data-driven decisions on any internet able device. Monitor sales, inventory, and more with KORONA POS.

KORONA POS makes inventory management such a breeze! The platform is easy to use/learn, and the customer support you get makes it worth every penny! I couldn’t do my job without their support line, and the POS system gives my employees the knowledge to help customers quickly and efficiently!


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Dynamic POS Tools and Features

A Reliable and Efficient Antique Mall POS Solution

While antiques are special due to their age and beauty, KORONA POS stays up-to-date. Receive software updates and upgrades automatically included in your flat, monthly subscription. Never worry about having outdated software.

Antique Promotions and Discounts

Accounting Integrations

Custom Gift Cards

Customer Point Loyalty Programs

Payroll and Scheduling Assistance

Automatic Stock Notifications

Customer Database Management

Credit Card Processing Agnostic

eCommerce Integration

Cloud Remote Back-Office Data Access

Multi-location Antique Shop Capabilities

Back Office Access Anywhere

Monitor your antique shop anytime with KORONA Studio

  • Log into KORONA Studio remotely from any web-browser
  • Look-up customer sales history from the front POS and KORONA studio.
  • Give loyal customers rewards with a point-based loyalty program.
  • Scale your antique store into multi-locations or online.
  • View live inventory and know what you have in stock at any location.

Benefits of a Antique Store Point of Sale Subscription Service

Fully Customizable Features

Customize point of sale features and tools to the way you run your antique store or mall. Choose from numerous business reports, adjust employee permissions and more for each location or all.

24/7 Customer Tech Support

KORONA POS is recognized repeatedly for top-notch customer support. Reach out to our reliable support team through email, phone, or chat anytime you need help.

Choose Your Own Processor

Don’t get locked into forced interest rates with other point of sale companies. KORONA POS is credit card processing agnostics, allow you to shop for the best rates and saving you money.

Frequently Asked Questions

An antique store POS system is a point-of-sale solution is designed meet the unique needs and challenges of running an antique store or shop. Most antique store POS systems combine hardware, software, and peripherals to provide a comprehensive solution for managing sales, inventory, and customer data.

When choosing an antique store POS system, consider inventory management, barcode scanning, customer management, sales tracking, integration with e-commerce platforms, loyalty programs, robust reporting features, and any other tools that may be specifically helpful to your antique shop. The system should also be user-friendly and provide reliable customer support.

Yes! A suitable antique store POS system has inventory management as a core function. Add detailed descriptions and prices to each item . The system will enable you to track stock levels, automate purchase orders, and send notification alerts for low stock items. With a robust inventory management feature, you can ensure accurate stock counts and prevent overstocking or understocking.

Definitely! An antique shop point of sale software simplifies the checkout process, allows for various payment methods, and can even integrate with online platforms to offer another source of a sales channel. Additionally, the system provides real-time sales data and reports, allowing you to analyze customer behavior, identify top-selling items, and more to make data-driven business decisions.

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