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Take charge of Smoke Shop operations

With detailed employee reporting and individual permission levels, you can be assured that your stock is safe. With each subscription, you get unlimited user profiles. Each profile is fully customizable, so you can set different allowances for different team members. Setting permission levels add a layer of security. Worry less about theft with KORONA POS.

Managing your inventory is one of the most crucial parts of running a successful tobacco shop. Most stores have a large inventory with some items being sourced from around the world. You need an inventory management system that keeps track of everything for you. With KORONA POS, you can automate ordering, manage vendors, get stock notifications, and generate detailed sales reports.

With detailed key performance indicator reports, KORONA POS will provide your business with a big picture store performance. Break down sales by item, time, promotion, season, price, and much more. This will help you identify your most important products and those that can be cleared out to make room for more productive items. Gain more insight into your business with powerful cloud POS reporting.

Most of your smoke shop customers are regulars. Many of them even return multiple times each week. With KORONA POS, your point-based loyalty program allows you to populate a customer database and reward your best customers. Cashiers can easily enter information into the point of sale and shoppers can easily redeem their rewards. This is included in each of our subscriptions.

KORONA POS makes inventory management such a breeze! The platform is easy to use/learn, and the customer support you get makes it worth every penny! I couldn’t do my job without their support line, and the POS system gives my employees the knowledge to help customers quickly and efficiently!


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Dynamic POS Tools and Features

A Reliable Smoke Shop POS System

Your tobacco shop till system updates automatically as soon as any new software is released. The simple, flat monthly subscription ensures that your store always has the latest features to make your store run more smoothly. It’s simple, affordable, and transparent.

Cloud-Based Smoke Shop POS

Smoke Store Automated Ordering

ID Scanning for Age Verification and Security

Stock Reorder Notifications

Multi-Location and Franchise Management

Employee Shift Reports

Loss Prevention Features

Accounting Integrations

Promotional and Discount Pricing

Customer Database System

Age Verification Prompts

Benefits of a QSR Point of Sale Subscription Service

Multi-Location Cloud Access

As a business owner, you’re on the go a lot. Especially if you have multiple smoke shop locations. KORONA Studio software allows you to access inventory and sales reports remotely, so business can be conducted anytime, anywhere.

Free Customer Support, 24/7

Running a business is already complicated enough. We’re here to make things a little simpler. That’s why our pricing is straightforward and easy. You’ll never see any hidden fees, and your subscription is strictly month-to-month.

No Hidden Fees or Contracts

No smoke shop should have to deal with any service down time. That’s why our in-house support team is available 24/7. Anytime you have a question or issue, you can can call, email, or chat with our product specialists to get everything figured out.

Frequently Asked Questions

-Customer database system
-Product analysis and sales reporting
-Loss prevention features
-Carton/pack inventory counting
-Age verification prompts
-Cashier permission levels

The cashier permission levels feature can allow you to create different user profiles and customize the actions each user is permitted to do. This helps minimize employee theft and keep stock safe.

A built-in loyalty point system lets you reward your best customers right from your POS register when they enter their information in the system. This is especially beneficial to smoke shops as most customers become regulars so you will want a system that will track purchases and encourage customers to continue returning to your shop.

Your smoke shop point of sale system sales report should allow you to see an overview of your store’s sales performance with the ability to break down sales by item, time, promotion, season, price, and more. This way, you are able to identify your highest and lowest performing products.

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