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Smoke Shop Inventory Management

Managing your inventory is one of the most crucial parts of running a successful tobacco shop. Most stores have a large inventory with some items being sourced from around the world. You need a inventory management system that keeps track of everything for you. With KORONA, you can automate ordering, manage your vendors, get stock notifications, and generate detailed sales reports.

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Product Analysis and Sales Reporting

With detailed key performance indicator reports, KORONA will provide your business with a big picture store performance. Break down sales by item, time, promotion, season, price, and much more. This will help you identify your most important products and those that can be cleared out to make room for more productive items. Gain more insight into your business with powerful POS reporting.

Built-In Loyalty Point System

Most of your smoke shop customers are regulars. Many of them even return multiple times each week. With KORONA, your point-based loyalty program allows you to populate a customer database and reward your best customers. Cashiers can easily enter information into the point of sale and shoppers can easily redeem their rewards. This is included in every KORONA point of sale subscription.


Cashier Permission Levels

With detailed employee reporting and individual permission levels, you can be assured that your stock is safe. With each subscription, you get unlimited user profiles. And each profile is fully custom, meaning that you can set different allowances for different team members. None of us want to worry about theft, and KORONA makes that easy.

KORONA has outstanding customer phone support. Their account reps and product specialists are over the top attentive and eager to troubleshoot at any hour, which is always very reassuring. We never have to worry about dealing with costly problems. They’re also always there to help with new features and tools released in their software.

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Key Features For Smoke Shop POS System

Your tobacco shop POS updates automatically as soon as any new software is released. The simple, flat monthly subscription ensure that your store always has the latest features to make your store run more smoothly. It’s simple, affordable, and transparent.

  • Cloud-Based Smoke Shop POS

  • Automated Ordering

  • Stock Notifications

  • Age Verification Prompts

  • Customer Database System

  • Loss Prevention Features

  • Accounting Integration

  • Carton/Pack Inventory Counting

  • Promotional and Discount Pricing

  • Integrated Payment System

  • Multi-Location Capacity

  • Emplopyee Shift Reports

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Multi-Location Cloud Access

As a business owner, you’re on the go a lot. Especially if you have multiple smoke shop locations. KORONA’s cloud-based point of sale software allows you to access inventory and sales reports remotely, so business can be conducted anytime, anywhere.

No Hidden Fees or Contracts

Running a business is already complicated enough. KORONA is here to make things a little simpler. That’s why our pricing is straightforward and easy. You’ll never see any fees, and your subscription is strictly month-to-month.

Free Customer Support, 24/7

No smoke shop should have to deal with any service down time. That’s why our in-house support team is available 24/7. Anytime you have a question or issue, you can can call, email, or chat with our product specialists to get everything figured out.

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