Multi-Store POS System

Scale and keep up with all your locations.

Gain better insight into all of your business operations

Stay stress-free and enjoy a streamlined process and oversee multiple store locations from one single platform. Never outgrow your point of sale solution, KORONA POS will grow with your business and handle consolidating data.

For businesses with busy locations, transaction speed is crucial. A long line at a coffee shop, quick-service spot, or any other high-volume shop means that you need a fast multi-store point of sale. Slow lines means fewer processed transactions and more shoppers opting to go to a different business.

Run promotions between all of your locations with one POS system. All promotions and discounts are simple to manage and track. It can reflect changes for just one store, several, or all of them. Incentivize visits with promotions for your customers between your physical stores and eCommerce platform.

Keep product performance and sales separate between locations but also under one system. KORONA POS will reflect changes to inventory, such as stock levels or new products in real-time, and manage inventory by individual locations or by your entire operation. Automatically reorder and manage vendor relations through your POS.

Get a point of sale that is ready to grow with your store as soon as you are. KORONA POS makes it easy by allowing you to transfer all product data to any additional physical store or online store with just a few clicks. There’s no need to manually enter any product information. Everything is done quickly and automatically, allowing you more time.

Outstanding customer phone support. Our account reps are over the top attentive and eager to troubleshoot at any hour. This is always very reassuring.

Jennifer B.

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Dynamic POS Tools and Features

Streamline Multi-Store Business Operations

Upgrades are automatic so you never have to worry about buying and installing new software. This way, your business will always have the best multi-store point of sale system available.

Build eCommerce Platform

Automatic Reordering Features

Low and Overstock Notifications

Multi-Location Fast Data Transfer

Employee Permission Levels

Multi-Store Inventory Management

Easy Accounting Integration

CRM and Loyalty Features

Scalable Multi-Store Data

Payment and Processor Integrations

Multiple-Store Cross Promotions

KORONA POS Software report on mobile phone.

Detailed Sales Reports and Metrics

Get in-depth reports on individual stores or consolidate data from all stores on an internet-serviced device.

Track Profits and Revenue

Keep an eye on all products and measure their value based on profitability and revenue from all of store locations.

Set Custom Permission Levels

Set specific permission and access levels within the point of sale system for each of your employees in multiple stores.

Multi-Store Point of Sale Solution Benefits

Easily Grow Your Business

Our point of sale is built to handle multiple stores and designed to help businesses grow and expand. Powerful multi-store reporting and inventory features will give you more insight into your business’s performance.

Multi-Store Support

Anytime you have a question or concern about any of your locations, call, chat, email our support team. We’re here for each customer 24/7 at no extra cost. We only succeed if each of our clients is also succeeding.

Free Trial and No Contracts

Try KORONA POS for free as long as you like. And you’ll never be asked for a credit card number. Once you try it out and love it, you won’t ever have to sign a contract. It’s a an easy month-to-month subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

A multi-store POS system is a software designed for businesses that have multiple locations. It can easily expand and scale with a business.

Multi-store point of sale systems scale with businesses and allow them to easily expand. All data can be transferred to new locations with just a few clicks.

Inventory counts can be completed by individual stores, several stores, or the entirety of your locations.

KORONA POS’s multi-store point of sale system can generate any POS report for each store or for all locations. All reports should cover all standard key performance indicators.

Most software services come with included POS support. Typically, support includes phone, chat, email, or onsite assistance.

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