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POS System Software


Inventory Management


Loyalty and CRM

Reporting and Metrics

Franchise and Multi-Location

Retail Loss Prevention

Free 24/7 Support

Cloud-Based Software

All data is secure and accessible in a remote cloud-based server, making it safe and convenient.

Promotions and Discounts

Change pricing and add specific deals with ease. All changes will be reflected in inventory and sales reports.

Intuitive Design

Staff training will be a breeze with KORONA POS remarkable ease of use. Don’t waste time with stressful training.

Accounting Integration

Integrate your POS software with Quickbooks, streamlining more of your business operations.

Refunds and Returns

Easily process all returns and refunds, whether it was cash or card. You can offer money back or store credit.

Employee Management

Set specific access controls for each employee and track transactional history with shift reports.

Time Clock

Make payroll a breeze by keeping all time clock management in your POS. Employees just log in and out through the system.

Receipt Deals

Add customizable promotions and discounts on each receipt to encourage customers to come back often.

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Desktop Hardware

For the most powerful POS hardware, KORONA POS offers the best desktop point of sale options on the market.

Customer-Facing Displays

Hardware options include customer facing displays to enhance the convenience and speed of the checkout experience.

Tablet Compatible

KORONA POS software integrates with tablets for retailers that need to add lanes quickly or offer mobile checkout.

Leasing Options

For businesses that want to finance their POS hardware through a lease, KORONA POS has several affordable options.

Included Hardware Support

Our specialists are always here to answer questions on your hardware. And if anything goes wrong, just send it back for a replacement.

Hardware Training

Once you’re ready to go live, we’ll walk you through all hardware setup so that you feel confident on your opening day.

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Stock Notifications

Get updates for low stocks, over stocks, and out-of stocks directly from your POS.

Data Import

Keep everything under one umbrella. Import inventory databases quickly and easily for new locations or franchises.

Consolidated Inventory

Keep your inventory consolidated between various verticals in one space.

Ease of Receiving

Scan new deliveries into your inventory for fast and accurate counting.

Product Analysis

Get a report card on each item in your product catalog with a click of a button.

Labeling and Pricing

Print labels and price tags on products straight from your inventory management system.

Auto Ordering

Set automated order placements based on product par levels. Avoid stockouts entirely.

Track Shipping

Vendor management keep you updated on when items shipped and what’s in the shipment.

Mobile Inventory

Use KORONA POS inventory app for added convenience and flexibility.

Loss Prevention

Use KORONA POS inventory app for added convenience and flexibility.

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Credit and Debit Cards

Accept credit or debit transactions with EMV-chips and automated prompts to ensure secure payments.

Mobile and Contactless

Accept all modern payment methods like mobile near field communication (NFC) with Apple and Android Pay.

Processor Agnostic

KORONA POS isn’t a payment processor but the software integrates with any merchant service of your choice.

Split Payments

Cashiers can easily divide payments however the customer requests for any transaction.

Fast Payment Processing

Get fast transaction speeds so that all non-cash payments are processes efficiently and your lines keep moving.

Payment Plans

Structure custom payment plans for large transactions, giving customers more flexibility.

Offer Gift Cards

Design unique gift cards that can be easily redeemed through your point of sale.

Integrated Payment Hardware

KORONA POS integrates with various hardware, allowing you to make the choice of what to purchase.

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Point-Based System

Get a point-based loyalty program built into your POS so you can reward your best customers.

Customize the Structure

Create your own loyalty point system and conditions so that it fits your business.

Track Loyalty Program Data

Follow the data from your loyalty program to see what your regulars are buying and what promotions work.

Build Your CRM

Gather customer data in your CRM to boost your marketing in other areas.

Loyalty Integration

For more robust loyalty programs, KORONA integrates with several leading loyalty software options, including bLoyal and Bottlecapps.

Gather Product Info

Get insight into product performance based on how they perform in your loyalty discounts and gifts.

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Profits and Revenue

Easily track your total revenue versus total profits. Group reports by individual products or storewide.

Sell-Through Rate

Get insight into how your inventory moves seasonally with sell-through rate reports.

Time-Based Comparisons

Compare sales between weeks, months or years to see how you’ve grown and where you can improve.

Average Transactions

Learn what your average transaction amounts are, by the day or by the employee.

Conversion Rates

See how often an interested customer actually completes a purchase to get insight into your marketing and sales.

Turnover Rates

Learn how quickly certain products sell so that you can optimize your ordering.

Return Rates

Identify problematic products by generating return rate reports.

GMROI Reports

Optimize prices by closely following your gross margin return on investment for every item in your catalog.

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Transfer and Sync Data

Transfer all universal data to new locations as soon as they open. All with the click of a button.

Manage Royalties

Set custom structure for royalty payments from the franchisees to franchisor.

Franchise Inventory Management

Keep all inventory and reports consolidated in one system, but measure individual store performance.

Multi-Location Promotions

Not only can you run storewide promotions, but you can also run a discount or deal between multiple locations.

Add New Users

Add unlimited number of new users at no extra cost. Set custom permissions for each person, too.

Expand Registers

Easily add or subtract registers from your system based on the time of week or year.

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Receipt Voids

Don’t let cashiers void an entire sale after the transaction is completed. This is a common way to steal cash.

Receipt Cancellation

Some cashiers will erase items on a ticket if the customer pays cash. KORONA POS doesn’t allow this.

Drawer Closing

Prevent further POS actions with an open drawer. Require employees to close the cash drawer after each sale.

Line Item Voids

Set your own customer settings with who can even one item on a ticket. It’s easy to require authentication.

Blind Cash Drops

Stop employees from seeing what their tendered cash drop is before they count their drawer. This helps identify recurring discrepancies.

Fully Customizable Features

All security features are fully customizable, letting KORONA POS work well for your store rather than requiring that you adapt to KORONA POS.

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Emergency Support

24/7 emergency support calls to give you peace of mind that your store is always in good hands.

Chat, Email, or Phone

Get ahold of our support team through your preferred method. We’re always here for you.

Online Manual

Thousands of pages and tutorials online to troubleshoot issues and learn new tools.

No Contracts

This affordable POS software subscription is month-to-month so you’ll never be tied to a solution that isn’t working for your business.

Staff Training

Get a full product demo and walk-throughs to see how you can take advantage of every KORONA POS feature.

Installation Assistance

Our team will help guide you through setup and installation so that you’re confident when you’re ready to go live.

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