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The Most Trusted Liquor Store POS System

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Liquor Store POS System

Faster Than Ever

KORONA has repeatably proven itself as the fastest POS solution at the checkout.  It is often the first thing new users of our software comment upon. No one likes a long line and slow transaction speeds. Such delays can have big impacts on your business, so make sure you have the fastest and the best liquor store pos solution.

Deals, Deals, Deals!

Liquor stores are constantly running promotions and discounts on certain products and your point of sale system should be able to quickly and easily reflect these. Additionally, KORONA can identify detailed product trends, allowing you to better identify which items to push. Promotions are an integral part of your business and your POS should be there to help.

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Advanced Inventory Management

Most liquor shops have an incredible amount of inventory to manage, especially if you have multiple locations. With KORONA’s cloud-based POS software, inventory is a breeze. It can be done off-line and any changes will be reflected across all locations. It also raises red flags for potential theft, an unfortunate problem for more liquor stores.

Customer Loyalty Integration

Liquor stores love their regular customers and regular customers love getting rewarded for their loyalty. That’s why KORONA is fully integrated with some of the best customer loyalty programs out there, including bLoyal. Your point of sale can be there to help keep your best customers as happy as ever.

“I cannot believe how amazing they are. We had two POS systems before them, which was the worst choice for our business. Some of the worst customer services that you can imagine, they even hung up the phone on us. We found Korona and they made everything so smooth. It’s totally customizable and their customer service is AMAZING! They also work with your merchant processor, their prices are fair and they are honest up front. Also, they can work with your hardware. Don’t doubt it and hire them! You won’t regret it!”

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Key Liquor Store Point of Sale Features That Make Business Run As Usual

Upgrades are included with any KORONA subscription so you never have to worry about buying and installing new software. This way, your liquor store will always have the best liquor store POS solution available.

  • Track Cashier History

  • Theft Prevention

  • Accounting Software Integration

  • Coupons and Promotions

  • Cloud-Based Solution

  • Product Auto-Orders

  • Overstock Reports

  • Advanced Employee POS Permissions

  • Time Tracking and Payroll Assistance

  • Multi-Location Scalability

  • bLoyal Integration

  • Age Verification

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Advanced Cloud POS Software for Liquor Stores

No Hassle Scalability

KORONA is built to make your liquor store even more successful, so we’re ready for your business to grow. KORONA’s top POS software can manage twenty stores as easily as two. This scalability allows you to focus on the more important matters.

No Fees, No Commitment

KORONA’s liquor store point of sale software is built to be easy to use and our pricing is no different. We don’t include any extra or hidden fees and you will never be pressured into entering long-term contracts. Better yet, you can try our point of sale solution for free.

Customer Care, 24/7

Our amazing support is here for you any time of the day or night. Whether you need introductory training, advice on how to integrate software or help with inventory, KORONA is always here to help by phone, email or chat.

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