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Cloud-Based Ticketing POS

All of KORONA’s points of sale store data in the cloud. That means you can access important information without being onsite. Plus, all changes in stock are adjusted in real time. You have the comfort of knowing you have accurate information and the convenience of being able to check in from any location.

Group Rates, Memberships, and Special Pricing

Most museums, festivals, or parks offer discounts for large groups attending, schools, and loyal members. Your ticketing point of sale must automatically update prices when applicable and still account for the price change in final reports. Get a POS that makes this fast and easy.

Your All-in-One Ticketing Solution

KORONA is a top solution for museums, water parks, amusement parks, concerts, festivals, renaissance fairs, and much more. And within each of these attractions, KORONA can work as your point of sale in each space, whether it’s a QSR, gift shop, retail space, ticketing area, or mobile vendors. This keeps inventory and sales consolidated, saving you hours of work and a whole lot of money.

The Fastest Ticketing System

Most events, theme parks, and festivals have long lines with anxious customers. Make sure your ticketing software is reliable and works efficiently. KORONA’s ticket printers, scanners, and turnstiles keep your numbers accurate and your lines moving quickly.


KORONA is by far superior to other POS systems we have used. Tyler and Sean have been so much help to our company and made the transition to a new point of sale remarkably easy. I would recommend it to anyone in the retail or ticketing business.

Joseph Redinger, The Pool Place
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The Most Important Ticketing POS Features

With KORONA’s software-as-a-service, all updates to your ticketing POS software will happen automatically at no extra charge. Knowing your point of sale is helping your business lets you worry about more important things.

  • Membership Ticketing Capabilities

  • Unique Software for Sales Verticals

  • Promotional and Discount Ticketing

  • Customizable Employee Permission Access

  • Turnstile Integration

  • Cloud Ticketing POS System

  • Loyalty Programs and CRM Features

  • Accounting and Membership Integrations

  • Time-Sensitive Ticketing

  • School and Groups Rates

  • Quick and Durable Ticket Printing

  • Advanced Inventory Reports and Metrics

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A Ticketing POS System Built in the Cloud

A Versatile Ticketing POS

KORONA’s ticketing POS software works for all of your business’s needs. Whether you own a fair, festival, park, or event space, KORONA can manage your ticketing, memberships, rewards program, reservations, and retail. It’s truly an all-in-one ticketing point of sale.

Free Installation and Integrations

Your ticketing POS system arrives ready to use. KORONA comes with all software and integrations installed so you simply have to plug in your point of sale hardware. And one of our product specialists will be with you every step of the way.

Support Included in Your Subscription

A flat monthly rate is the only thing you’ll ever be charged for with your KORONA subscription. All software updates occur automatically, and any support issues are provided at no extra costs. Enjoy the peace of mind having us just a phone call away, 24/7.