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“KORONA POS has been so easy. The support has been great, the machine is wonderful, the credit card processing is great, and I save money too. It’s just been amazing how easy this was. It was the best thing I ever did.”

Powerful Inventory Tools

Health stores and supplement shops often have a vast product catalog. You need a robust inventory management system to manage all of your products, in-store and online if you also have an eCommerce shop. KORONA POS comes with a variety of features including custom par levels, automated ordering and updates, stock notifications, vendor management, and more. Optimize your stock with the right system.

Sales and KPI Reporting

KORONA’s software comes with hundreds of custom KPI reports and sales analytics, including conversion tracking, average transaction amount, foot traffic, ABC retail analysis, and many more. This allows health shop owners to quickly break down their traffic and sales in insightful ways and make important changes for improvement. Get a full picture of the health of your business to make sure you’re always on the right track.

Health Store Loyalty Program

A loyalty system is a great way to get your customers back through your doors often. A point-based system is easy for you to manage and for customers to use. Plus, it allows you to build your customer database for future marketing efforts. With KORONA POS, you get a built-in CRM system as another tool to help your business grow. Be able to recommend the right products to the right customers and keep them happy.

Cloud Reporting and Access

With cloud POS reporting, you’ll get real-time updates on all inventory and sales, so you’ll know how your store is performing at each minute of the day. Plus, cloud access keeps your data more secure and adds important convenience to your operations. With internet access and proper login credentials, you can manage your business from any location. Keep your business running smoothly at all times.

Critical Health Store POS Features Built to Improve Business Operations

Each subscription to KORONA POS comes with automated updates every time we build a new tool or feature. That means that you don’t have to worry about always having the very best for your health or supplement shop. Each POS terminal will download changes overnight. Plus, because it’s cloud-based, you can access the software from any location so long as you have a device connected to the internet.

Cloud-Based Health Store POS

Supplier Management

Custom Par Levels

Employee Permission Controls

Automated Ordering

Multi-Location and Franchise Options

Open API Integrations

Point Loyalty Program

Low & Overstock Notifications

Modern Payment Machines

Sales KPI Reporting

KORONA POS Software on Terminal Hardware

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Points of Sale

Powerful Health Store Point of Sale Software for Growing Businesses

No Credit Card Processing Agreements

Some POS solutions come with costly, binding credit card processing agreements. Not us. We let our customers choose the best payment solution for their business, keeping processing fees lower.

The Best Customer Support 24/7

Getting a new POS system for your health store will make some big changes to your business. Our team is entirely in-house and available by phone, chat, or email during business hours.

No Contract, No Fees, No Penalties

Each of our customers subscribes on a month-to-month basis. There are no fees for installation, training, or support. And if you ever opt to stop your service, you’ll never have to deal with penalties or cancellation fees.


What is a good health store loyalty program?

For a health store, you can use a point-based loyalty program, which allows you to easily manage repeat customers and track the purchases they make in your store. It’s a great way to attract a loyal customer base and build your marketing efforts from.

What kind of inventory tools do I need for my health store point of sale?

Health stores need a robust inventory management system to manage a vast product catalog. Some tools to help health stores include automatic ordering, stock notifications, custom par levels, and vendor management.

What important KPI measures should my health store point of sale solution track?

-Conversion Tracking
-Average Transaction Amount
-Foot Traffic
-ABC retail analysis

How can my health store benefit from a cloud-based point of sale software?

Your health store can receive benefits such as remote access and management, real-time tracking and populating, more secure data, and automatic updates from a cloud-based POS software.

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