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Learn how KORONA POS offers its users a well-integrated and omnichannel experience. We work closely with each of our partners to ensure seamless communication and operational processes.

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Some Partners We Work With

Bottlecapps is a tech-forward, solutions company focused on bringing beer/wine/liquor stores into the eCommerce era. Bottlecapps serves as a connection and communications tool that helps liquor stores connect to customers, create loyalty, and grow sales.

Our team caters to the technological needs and provides the most functional and cutting-edge solutions possible to our partners in the beer/wine/liquor industry. We do this through our mobile and web technologies coupled with our in-store marketing strategies.

Empowering our partners, Bottlecapps is especially important in today’s post-pandemic retail liquor store environment. Operating in a very competitive market, stores need the advantages and differentiator that our products bring. Bottlecapps is not for just any store – we’re only for stores that are looking to differentiate themselves from the competition, create more loyal customers, and leave their competitors in the dust.

Customers want their shopping to be easy and convenient and to be kept informed of events, new products, and specials. A store-branded eCommerce app and/or website from Bottlecapps enables the customer to search your inventory, be informed, earn rewards points, and order online.

Bottlecapps currently has 850+ stores in 40 states and 4 countries using their products and services.

Visit Bottlecapps.com to learn more.
Logo for City Hive, a liquor store loyalty software

City Hive is the leading supplier of eCommerce dolutions for the beer, wine and spirits industry

City Hive creates an all-in-one eCommerce platform for liquor stores to grow omnichannel selling, increase their brand presence, and boost their sales. They provide the marketing, design, and support that small businesses need to make sure it’s done right.

City Hive is based in New York, NY. Visit them at https://www.cityhive.net/ to learn more and get a product demo.

mapAds is a unique global solution for brick and mortar retailers who want to promote their products and brands digitally without spending a lot of time, money, or outside marketing agencies.

Products are promoted on a location basis with just a few clicks via Google, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

Thousands of mapAds retailers worldwide save an average of 80% of their annual marketing budget.

You can enable mapAds through your KORONA POS application. mapAds accesses your products, uploads them to Google Local Inventory, creates Facebook and Instagram posts/ads, and independently creates promotional videos which are played out through location-targeted YouTube ads.

75% of all consumers search Google for products prior to finalizing a purchase. mapAds automatically looks at such user behavior and crafts custom ads to display or play at the right time and in the right place.

The solution was founded in Germany but available across the U.S. Learn more on their website.

Logo of MapAds retail software
TimeForge company logo

Founded in 2004, TimeForge is an award-winning labor management platform for business of all types and sizes. We started as a simple scheduling software but have expanded to include integrated timekeeping, sales forecasting, and human resources (among others) – all working together to keep businesses proactively compliant with the latest labor laws.

TimeForge was built from the ground up with feedback from operations, HR, and IT teams. We apply our labor and labor compliance expertise to serve businesses in every industry, including retail, grocery, and hospitality.

As a full-featured labor management platform, TimeForge takes care of the tedious “small stuff,” so that owners and operators can focus on the things that matter. With our mobile apps, time clocks, and task management features, we help businesses maximize employee engagement and retention.

We excel in helping businesses put the right people in the right place at the right times. Our sales forecasting and above-store reporting tools take the guesswork out of scheduling, while our proactive compliance automation ensure that businesses stay safe.

bLoyal is directly synced with your normal KORONA POS and eCommerce transactions.  Customer loyalty and membership benefits apply automatically, with no additional hardware required.

bLoyal normalizes and aggregates sales transactions between KORONA and your eCommerce system, providing you with cohesive, SKU-level customer purchase history.

bLoyal’s loyalty engine enables you to configure the loyalty and membership programs that match your business model.  Combine loyalty programs, memberships, and promotions to create a branded and unique program that helps you increase revenue across your brick and mortar and web stores.

Communicate with customers through text and email at key moments in their lifecycle: anniversaries, times between purchase, birthdays, and when they earn a reward. And all of it can be done automatically.

bLoyal is eCommerce ready.   bLoyal is integrated to WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento to help you extend your loyalty and engagement programs online.  Manage all of your reporting, promotions, communications, and customer records in one place.

LineupApp logo

LineupApp is passionate about improving the customer experience. We envision a future with the service sector streamlined, simple, easy, and pleasant. Founded in 2018, LineupApp has grown quickly to support businesses throughout an evolving landscape. We continue to grow with a deep understanding of businesses’ needs in creating a winning customer experience. Using AI and analytics to exponentially improve customer acquisition and retention, LineupApp creates a better future for businesses across many sectors.

LineupApp is geared towards all businesses that require line management in order to expedite service and streamline waitlist operations. Among many others, LineupApp now serves multiple DMV centers, Verizon, Red Lobster, and IHOP.

You can explore LineupApp’s integrations to have your customers join the waitlist by clicking a TikTok video or posting an ad to Instagram to drive traffic. LineupApp can also add intake forms to your website or integrate into a physical kiosk so users can physically enter their information. The app also connects via QR codes for hands-free service. 

Plastic Printers is your source for gift cards, loyalty cards, key tags, membership cards, sanitizable, and disposable menus, ID badges, event badges, business cards, signage, floor decals, table tents, and other custom marketing tools.

They are the perfect solution for busy professionals; fast, professional design is included with your order. With over two decades of designing, producing, and delivering creative solutions for branding, promotion, and lead generation in all shapes and sizes, they’d love the opportunity to help you foster the next level of your organization.

KORONA’s longstanding partnership with Plastic Printers ensures the compatibility of your cards and/or key tags with your KORONA POS system. Whether you’re restocking your supply, ordering a new product, or ordering from Plastic Printers for the first time, know that your business is in good hands.

Plastic Printers logo

AURES Technologies, Inc. is a leading global IT manufacturer providing a complete range of POS hardware and peripherals for the retail, leisure, cinema, and hospitality industries, and the KIOSK sector with off-the-shelf and custom interactive kiosk terminals and integration sub-systems.

Founded in 1989 and listed on Euronext since 1999, AURES products are preferred by image-conscious global brands like Starbucks, Pandora, BMW, and Carnival for their stylish and innovative designs.

AURES has a global presence: the head office in France; subsidiaries in UK, Germany, Australia, and USA, and a network of partners, distributors, and resellers in 60+ countries.

In recent years, the AURES Group has received many design awards including Good Design, Reddot, Observeur, iF Design, and the prestigious French BFM Award for Export Performance.

Partner Tech is a leading manufacturer of innovative products for a multitude of verticals including retail, hospitality, cinemas, cruise lines, stadiums, gaming, warehousing, and more.

We have developed our vast product line that encompasses all-in-one terminals of many sizes, ruggedized tablets, kiosks – both countertop and floor standing –  hand-held terminals, digital signage, and intelligent store solutions. And we keep our partners’ input in mind for each solution we provide.

We build for the business that requires strong, long-life components and back up our claims with warranties that range up to 5 years.  Whether the order is one unit or 10,000, we strive for perfection every day.

Priority Integrated Solutions inspires businesses to migrate from traditional payment processing to one of the most powerful payment platforms, MX Merchant, packed with top notch features to simplify running a business through one source.

We believe in decisions that are based out of trust, transparency, and teamwork. Our heartbeat is to lend a hand when confusion and overwhelm creep in, and and ultimately, build the bridge for businesses to thrive independently.

With time being our greatest commodity, it cannot be manufactured or replicated. That’s why we offer a platform that minimizes wasted time and boosts productivity.

Eager to learn more about Priority Integrated Solutions? Find us at www.prioritypaymentis.com or give us a call at (877) 515-8472.

Global Payments Integrated helps businesses succeed by delivering secure and personalized payment solutions, allowing developers of business management solutions to accept payments through their systems and add value to their software.

While many processors offer payments tied to antiquated platforms designed to support stand-alone systems, the Global Payments Integrated platform provides custom, scalable, and fast payment solution integration – accomodating the swiftly-shifting ways consumers pay for goods and services.

With this visionary payment processing platform, Global Payment Integrated helps business management software companies grow their business through our embedded commerce services, bolster customer loyalty with unique payments solutions, and improve profitability.

Our Vision for Cost Plus Processing is to create a strong relationship with each business owner, while eliminating unnecessary costs. Our goal is nothing short of a lifelong partnership with your business.

Our objective is to educate you about our costs and pass directly them along to you in the end. This way we can secure all your transactions, and provide you with great customer service. We want to secure the profit margins your company deserves.

Want to learn more about Cost Plus Processing? Find them at https://costplusprocessingllc.com or give them a call at (855) 391-9190.

Founded in 2001, Kadro is an award-winning, software engineering firm that delivers eCommerce solutions on Magento Commerce, including integration with third-party online marketplaces and the creation of online marketplaces plus a wide array of systems integration services, custom web applications, and website analysis and optimization.

Our clients range from Fortune 50 organizations to IR500 retailers to SMB’s in a wide array of industries.  We believe that delivering exceptional work and backing it with outstanding customer service leads to long-term customer relationships. In fact, our very first client remains a customer today.

Our U.S. based team brings extensive experience in the full life cycle of software development, including business requirements analysis, software database design and architecture, quality assurance and testing, and configuration management and support.

We are an Adobe Gold Magento Commerce Solution Partner and a Magento 2 Trained Solution Partner with many of our dedicated team members also being Magento 2 Certified Developers and Specialists. We’re here to help make your vision for selling online a reality whether you are building your first e-commerce website or migrating your existing platform to Magento.

Eagle Processing logo

Eagle Processing is the premier cash discount processor in the market as the only processor that does not manipulate rates & balances the merchant statements and bank deposits.

Eagle Processing offers not only cash discounts, but also all pricing solutions such as flat-rate and interchange-plus. Eagle Processing has a direct merchant and ISO portal as well as small business funding for POS and software.

Eagle Processing is based in Smithtown, NY. Visit them at http://eagleprocessing.io/ to learn more about their solution.