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Receipt Voids

Some cashiers will void an entire ticket after the transaction and pocket the money if someone pays with cash. KORONA software includes customizable features that require authentication.

Item Voids

Prevent cashiers from voiding individual items, too. Even if you decide to allow voids, all actions will be recorded in each staff member’s shift report.

Retail loss prevention features on a POS system
POS software preventing a no-sale tender

Receipt Cancellation

Another common theft tactic is to erase a ticket prior to tender if the customer pays with cash. KORONA doesn’t allow the final item on the receipt to be erased, prompting a printed void receipt to document the action.

Force Drawer Closing

KORONA’s retail loss prevention software doesn’t allow any new actions if the drawer is open. This stops cashiers from operating with the drawer slightly ajar and accessible at all times.

More Retail Theft Prevention Features From Your POS System

Price Changes

Add authorization measures for attempts to add impromptu discounts to any sale. Don’t let cashiers give out friendly discounts to whoever they please.

No Sale Tender

A blank receipt is often cashed out to open the drawer. KORONA allows you to prevent this from happening. It’s better to have the cash drawer closed as much as possible.

Blind Balance

Add a setting that requires employees to drop their cash drawer blindly at the end of the shift. This allows you to notice patterns and pick out bad apples.

Inventory Management

With in-depth inventory and reporting, you’ll be able to quickly identify discrepancies and take care of the problem quickly before too much is lost.

Retail Loss Prevention Techniques Can Save Your Business Thousands

POS cashier screen with permission blocking an item void

Customizable Security Features

Each of KORONA’s theft prevention features are built to be fully customizable for each business. There is no one-size-fits-all with our software.

Back-Office Access

Easily protect your business from employees entering the back-office system to alter prices so that they can purchase or sell items at a steep discount.

Allowed Balance Difference

Set whatever level of balance difference you deem acceptable. If an employee is within that range, they won’t be asked to verify their balance again.

Balance Verification by Register or Cashier

Checking the balance of each cashier is ideal, but it doesn’t work for all businesses. If not, you can just run balance reports for each terminal instead.

Employee report with list of item voids

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