Retail Loss Prevention

Protect your business with customizable POS security features

Retail Loss Prevention Techniques Can Save Your Business Thousands

Simple and Locked Price Changes

Add authorization measures for attempts to add impromptu discounts to any sale. Don’t let cashiers give out friendly discounts to whoever they please.

Complete Inventory Management

With in-depth inventory and reporting, you’ll be able to quickly identify discrepancies and take care of the problem quickly before too much is lost.

Customizable Security Features

Each of KORONA POS theft prevention features are built to be fully customizable for each business. There is no one-size-fits-all with our software.

Accurate Balance Verification

Check the balance of each cashier or run balance reports for each terminal instead. You can even set an allowed balance difference that you deem acceptable.

Mange Cashier Actions

Create cashier roles and point of sale permissions for your employees. Allow who can process returns, override prices, pull reports and more. Easily grant and adjust authorization measures for each cashier simply on your POS system.

View Cashier Actions

Get the most in-depth sales reporting. See how many completed or removed transactions, returns, receipt or item cancellations, as well as discounts by cashier. You will be able to quickly discover any employee discrepancies.

More Retail Theft Prevention Features From Your POS System

Receipt Voids

Some cashiers will void an entire ticket after the transaction and pocket the money if someone pays with cash. KORONA POS includes customizable features that require authentication.

No Sale Tender

A blank receipt is often cashed out to open the drawer. KORONA POS allows you to prevent this from happening. It’s better to have the cash drawer closed as much as possible.

Force Drawer Closing

KORONA POS retail loss prevention software doesn’t allow any new actions if the drawer is open. This stops cashiers from operating the drawer ajar and is accessible at all times.

KORONA Studio Access

Easily protect your business from employees entering the back-office system to alter prices so that they can purchase or sell items at a steep discount.

Item Voids

Prevent cashiers from voiding individual items. Even if you decide to allow voids, KORONA POS will record all actions in each staff member’s employee shift report.

Blind Balance

Add a setting that requires employees to drop their cash drawer blindly at the end of the shift. This allows you to notice patterns and pick out bad apples.

“KORONA POS is a great, simple-to-use POS system that allows our business to make sales, track finances and employees, and create reports all for a great price”

– Stephan P.

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Advanced Features and tools

For Businesses to Succeed

Customer Relationship Management

Build your loyalty program and customer relationship management right from your POS system.


Outperform your competition by leveraging a point of sale system with a truly custom eCommerce solution.


KORONA POS software scales with your business and helps you expand to new locations.

Hardware and Cash Register

Learn which cash register POS system is best for your unique business. With KORONA POS, you have options for your point of sale hardware.

Inventory Management

KORONA POS offers the most powerful and sophisticated inventory management point of sale software on the market.

Loss Prevention

Reduce retail theft with the right POS loss prevention system.

Loyalty Program

Entice your frequent customers to keep coming back.


KORONA POS scales with your business and helps you expand.


Offer various payment options from your point of sale software to provide the most for your customers.

Reporting and Analytics

Get better insight into your business with real time analytics across all of your locations.

Self-Checkout kiosks

Say goodbye to long lines and expensive labor with a more productive and cost-effective way to check out customers.


Get the best point of sale software with KORONA POS and build a better business starting today.

24/7 Support

Our support team is here for you. A subscription with KORONA POS always comes with 24/7 support for each of our customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do retail stores prevent stock loss? -

There are many ways to minimize retail loss. Optimize your retail floor plan for visibility by keeping aisles short and your POS system near the exit. Add basic theft prevention devices like warning signage, mirrors, and sensors. Train your staff to look out for suspicious activities and keep employees stationed throughout the floor and near the doors. Retailers can also consult their point of sale for in-depth product and inventory reports. Perpetual counts in real-time mean that you have up-to-date information and shift reports can help identify worrisome activity from your employees. Retail loss prevention requires a holistic, thorough approach.

What does loss prevention mean? +

Retail loss prevention is the process of minimizing the loss of any products in your catalog. This includes loss of any kind, such as shoplifting, internal theft, spoilage, and supplier mistakes.

What are the best ways to avoid retail theft? +

Use common best practices to protect your business. Try to allocate a portion of your budget to protection, potentially including security personnel, cameras, and anti-theft devices. Get a point of sale that can help you identify any problems. Real-time inventory updates, perpetual counts, in-depth KPIs, and employee shift reports can all help prevent loss. Finally, common sense and proper training will also help prevent theft or other forms of loss.

What are the most common causes of retail shrinkage? +

The most common causes are theft and spoilage. Retail theft still costs retailers tens of billions of dollars each year. And spoilage is nearly as bad. 40% of food in America, for instance, is lost to spoilage.

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