Dollar Store POS System

Advanced inventory and reporting tools for large product datatbases.

KORONA POS software system on terminal, back office point of sale system on table, and KORONA POS system on mobile.

Optimize Dollar Store Operations with KORONA POS

Stop wasting time with manual inventory tracking. KORONA POS has seamless inventory management, allowing you to monitor stock levels, receive low-stock alerts, and place orders with ease. Never let a popular item go out of stock at your dollar store.

KORONA POS has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This speeds up the checkout process, reducing lines, and keeping your customers happy with a smooth checkout shopping experience.

Dollar stores have a lot of products, so it’s important to always know how your business is doing. Gain insights into your sales data with comprehensive POS reporting tools. Make informed business decisions for your store with detailed analytics and customizable reports.

Whether you have one store, a growing chain, or a franchise, KORONA POS scales with your business. The customizable point of sale system adapts to your dollar store needs, making it easy to expand your operations.

KORONA POS is loaded with features such as tracking for sales and staff, all for a great price! Ringing up sales, tracking finances, inventory, and back-office features. All of these are done easily with KORONA POS.

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Efficient POS Tools and Features

A dollar store point of sale solution you can rely on.

Running a dollar store comes with its own unique needs. You can rely on KORONA POS for automatic updates and upgrades. It’s all included in a flat, monthly subscription to your POS software. Never worry about having anything but the most up-to-date software for your business, and stay ahead as a retailer.

Employee Time and Performance Tracking

Loss Prevention and Security Tools

Dollar Store Loyalty Programs

EMV and Mobile Payment Options

Robust Inventory Management

Cashier Permissions and Reports

Credit Card Processing Agnostic

Automatic Inventory Reordering

CRM and Email Marketing

Remote Access to KORONA Studio

Back office POS system and software, KORONA Studio on mobile web browser for business retailers.

Access your Dollar Store POS data anywhere

KORONA Studio makes managing a store easier with cloud access.

  • Add and adjust employee permission levels
  • View all dollar store locations with one POS system
  • Access real-time data reports and live inventory stock
  • Adjust pricing, promotions, ordering, and more – all from any location

The All-In-One Dollar Store POS System

Employee Management

Simplify staff management with clock-in/clock-out features, employee performance tracking, and role-based permissions. Easily customize sales reporting and employee access levels to KORONA POS and KORONA Studio.

24/7 Customer In-House Support

At KORONA POS, we’ve been recognized by our users as a reliable point of sale solution with outstanding support. Enjoy professional 24/7 email, chat, and phone support whenever your stores need it, including in your subscription.

Flat Rates and No Hidden Fees

Get transparent pricing with no contracts or sign-up fees. You get everything, including unlimited support, in a simple, flat monthly payment for your dollar store. Plus, you can use any processor you’d like, saving you thousands of dollars.

Frequently Asked Questions

A dollar store POS system is designed to handle the needs of dollar stores because they have high transactions and a wide variety of products at near-dollar prices. Dollar store point of sale systems are quick and efficient for the checkout process, have a developed inventory management, and can handle bulk data imports and exports.

Most dollar store point of sale systems will include inventory management features. KORONA POS has a robust inventory management system for dollar stores that can track inventory levels in real-time, update automatically, and notify when stock is low. Having a smart inventory management system will help provide insights for top-selling products.

Yes, a modern point of sale system for dollar stores is designed to scale with business. KORONA POS can support multiple locations, chains, and franchises. Dollar store owners and management can access inventory, sales data, and store and employee performance from one platform for different locations.

If the POS system is fast, efficient, and user-friendly then it will greatly improve the customer checkout experience for dollar stores. Reduce long lines and wait times for customers with barcode scanning and easy to use interface for cashiers. Point of sale systems also offer various payment options by integrating with a payment processor to ensure smooth transactions. KORONA POS is payment processing agnostic, meaning you can shop around for the best rates for your dollar store and save your business money.

KORONA POS system software displayed on a terminal.

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