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Take charge of Thrift Store operations

One of the biggest challenges for thrift shops is their inventory management. KORONA POS makes it easy. Order or accept donated items with easy and seamlessly organize them into various pricing categories.

KORONA POS brings retailers a powerful integration to WooCommerce. The online store automatically uploads your existing database, exists in real-time with all brick and mortar locations, and has built-in SEO optimization.

For growing thrift shop businesses, KORONA POS is there to help your business easily expand. The software helps you run multiple locations, whether the business is a retail chain or franchise. Each location can be managed remotely through the cloud-based system.

For thrift stores trying to improve the shopping experience, KORONA POS integrates with powerful loyalty and CRM solutions. Not only does this reward your loyal customers, but it allows you to improve your marketing strategies and build better customer retention.

The best feature of KORONA POS is its wide range of capabilities. Everything we need has been possible thus far. KORONA POS is making our retail store more efficient and is helping us keep our data simplified.

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Dynamic POS Tools and Features

A Reliable and Fast Thrift Store POS System

KORONA POS was one of the first cloud-based solutions to come onto the market. It brings users seamless product updates, ease of access from any location, and unparalleled customer support. See it all for yourself with a free trial.

Thrift Shop Order Management

Automated Inventory Features

Donations by Category

Native Point-Based Loyalty System

ABC Inventory Analytics

Thrift Shop Product Metrics

Chain and Franchise Management

Special Pricing and Promotions

eCommerce Integration

Thrift Store Theft Prevention

CRM Integrations

Improve Serving Customers

KORONA POS and RFID self-checkout kiosks for thrift stores.

  • Save on expensive labor costs and worry less about labor shortages.
  • Experience a faster, smoother checkout with RFID technology.
  • Each RFID tag prevents theft and makes tracking inventory easier than ever.
  • Reduce checkout lines and provide contactless self-pay.

Benefits of a Thrift Store Point of Sale Subscription Service

A Complete Thrift Store POS

KORONA POS offers users a one-stop solution, tracking each product from the moment it’s ordered to the moment it leaves your doors. With vast features and integrations, the solution serves as the hub of all business operations. Business has never run more smoothly.

In-House Customer Support

It’s a new system, you’ll have questions. We get it. That’s why we include unlimited phone and chat support in every subscription. Our in-house team is here to help anytime, and even here overnight in cases of emergency. Call us now just to see how reliable we are.

No Contracts or Hidden Fees

Your monthly price is your monthly price. There are no fees, no hidden charges, no penalties, and no contracts. Plus, KORONA POS integrates with all major payment processors, meaning we’ll never lock you into unfavorable rates or long-term deals.

Frequently Asked Questions

A thrift store POS system serves as the center of all business operations. It handles inventory, including receiving, stocking, categorization, and pricing, product reporting, employee management, customer loyalty, payments, eCommerce integration, and more.

Thrift stores have the unique challenge of tracking all inventory by category instead of by individual item. Get a point of sale for your thrift store that allows you to receive, price, and track items by price category.

Pricing for points of sale varies by product and the various features needed by the retailer. Most thrift shops will need several desktop terminals, scanners, receipt printers, and credit card machines, plus the POS software. Typically, the hardware pricing will be $2,000-4,000 per terminal and $50-$200/month in software licensing fees.

Yes! Through various integrations, thrift stores can sell their products on different eCommerce platforms. With full integration, all products and sales will be updated for both the brick-and-mortar and online stores in real-time.

Most POS systems come with built-in or integrated loyalty options. These range from simple points-based systems to more robust loyalty and marketing programs for multi-location chains and franchises.

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