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The Top Quick Service POS System

for quick service shops that want to be extra quick, just like yours



KORONA knows how important ease and speed of transactions is for you and your customers. Payment through KORONA is lightning fast and means you’ll save time and money keeping your customers happy and quickly on their way. The speed of your quick service point of sale is crucial. Your POS should never be a pain and KORONA can help ensure business runs smoothly.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

For any quick service restaurant or other business, analytics are a key to success. Finding peak hours and average transactions are important for employee scheduling and preparation. These statistics can be accessed in real-time with KORONA. This allows business owners and managers to take immediate action and make changes that benefit business.

Employee Permission and Access

Most quick service businesses, like fast food, coffee shops, or ice convenience shops, have many employees on payroll. Managing who is where and when is hard. KORONA comes with an employee time clock and allows advanced permission management to ensure POS system security and integrity, just one more way KORONA can save you time and money.

Promotions and Special Pricing

You know how important quality and level of service is to your success. KORONA can take this a step further with advanced promotions, coupons, time-sensitive discounts and customer data. Your best customers will be even better.

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The support is outstanding. Any time we need something, KORONA’s 24/7 support is there to help. We are also able to utilize functions and reports that we did not previously have. The buttons are a great tool and the reports are easy to run and understand.”

Dawn Jenkins, The Party Store
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Key Quick Service Point of Sale Features That Make Business Run As Usual

KORONA updates and upgrades automatically with each of our thousands of point of sale terminals. And it’s all included in your flat, monthly subscription. You’ll never have to worry about having anything but the best for your quick service shop.

  • Real-Time Inventory

  • Table Service Options

  • Overstock and Understock Reports

  • Advanced Cashier Allowances

  • Detailed Shift Reports

  • Accounting Integration

  • Manage Tipped Employees

  • Customer History Data

  • Payroll and Time Management

  • EMV Payment Compatibility

  • Automated Promotions

  • Auto-Order Low Inventory

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No Contracts, No Stress

We believe in our business as much as you do yours. That’s why we don’t need to force anyone into contracts or additional fees. Our rates are easy to understand and won’t change.

Comfortable Mobility

Mobility is always a plus. KORONA gives you as much mobility as possible, whether it’s with tracking inventory, improving communication between locations, or even adding flexibility to payment within your store. Make your life easier with KORONA.

Support, All Day, Everyday

With phone, email, or chat, we’re here for you non-stop. Don’t let your quick service point of sale system add any stress to your life. We worry about that so you don’t have to.

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