The Fastest Dispensary POS System in the Cannabis Industry

The Fastest Dispensary POS System in the Cannabis Industry

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Steve Lee
Green 2 Go

“At Green 2 Go Dispensary, we’ve integrated KORONA POS with our time clocks, getting rid of ADP and saving our bookkeeper time, which saves us money. It’s been a lot more reliable. Online ordering has decreased our lines outside our store by 20-30%. We now do between 200 and 300 orders per day in the KORONA POS eCommerce system. I can’t say enough good things about KORONA POS.”

Dispensary POS Traceability Systems

By integrating traceability systems through Metrc, the dispensary software is available in any market where cannabis, hemp, and CBD are legal. State and provincial use three traceability systems: Metrc, BioTrack and Leaf Data System. KORONA POS will integrate with each of these, transmitting data directly to the state or province necessary. Ensureyour business is always in full compliance.

Precise Retail Cannabis Inventory Management

Our inventory management software is vast and in-depth. Dispensaries can see individual product reports, set automatic ordering and par levels, track sales history, manage supplier relations, and optimize your product catalog. With multiple dispensaries, you can keep track of your inventory under one roof with KORONA POS and transfer all data to a new location in a matter of minutes.

Online Menus and eCommerce Pre-Orders

Like most businesses, the cannabis industry is seeing more shoppers move into the eCommerce space. That’s why KORONA POS and Dauntless integrate with eCommerce platforms to make this easy. Simply connect your online menus to your store inventory so your data is always accurate and up-to-date. Integrations with online menus such as Weedmaps, Leafly, Olla, and iheartjane keep your dispensary stocked and orders fulfilled.

Integrated Loyalty and CRM Programs

KORONA POS is fully integrated with many of the top cannabis customer loyalty programs, including: springbig, Splango, and Data Owl. This allows dispensaries to engage customers with SMS marketing, product suggestions, promotional offers, and loyalty rewards. Whether it’s signing up new shoppers, redeeming loyalty points, or fulfilling online pre-orders, the experience will be seamless and convenient for both shoppers and merchants.

Components of a Dispensary Point of Sale System

There are more and more dispensary POS solutions on the market every day. KORONA POS has been around since day one. We’re constantly striving to provide our users with a better solution, which is why our subscription receives automatic updates to the software the moment they’re released. With KORONA POS cloud-based systems, you have remote access, increased security, more flexibility, and automated upgrades, all at no extra charge.

eCommerce Integration with Buy Online Pick-up in Store

Integrated to State Compliance Software

ID Scanning for Age Verification and Security

Multi-Location Dispensary Scalability

Desktop, Tablet, and Peripheral Hardware Options

Dispensary POS Sales Reporting and Metrics

Product Codes, Categories, and Descriptions

Real-Time Price and Inventory Changes

Fast Transaction Times for Quick Lines

Time-Based Promotions and Happy Hour Capabilities

Cloud Remote Back-Office Data Access

KORONA POS Software on Terminal Hardware

KORONA POS an All-In-One Point Of Sale Software Trusted By Thousands






Points of Sale

What are the benefits of a dispensary point of sale subscription service?

Get Ready for Credit Card Processing

Though dispensaries may not yet accept credit cards, your store will be ready to do so with KORONA POS when this changes. The software integrates with all credit card processors, so you’ll be able to transition quickly.

Integrations for Full Traceability

With KORONA POS, all essential cannabis-related integrations support full traceability from seed to sale through Metrc. This ensures that your dispensary follows all state and provincial compliance laws.

No Contracts, Extra Fees, or Surcharges

Your monthly subscription will always be the same. There are no contracts, hidden fees, cancellation penalties, or extra costs. Plus, we’ll help you with all installation and training, all included with your monthly software subscription.


What is a dispensary POS system?

A dispensary POS system is software built to help dispensaries manage inventory, marketing, promotions, employees, process sales and reporting, run customer loyalty programs, and adhere by state compliance with full traceability. The point of sale is meant to increase insight into your products and shoppers so that dispensaries can make the right adjustments to improve their business.

How much does it cost to open a dispensary?

The costs of opening a dispensary vary widely by state, city, size of location, number of locations, and total products offered. The upfront costs typically vary between $250,000 and $750,000. These include licenses and permits, the retail rental space, product, and salaries.

Why do you need a dispensary point of sale system>

Like any retail business, dispensaries need a powerful point of sale to power their business operations. Great dispensary point of sale systems provide inventory management, seed-to-sale tracing, state and provincial compliance, loyalty integration, custom employee permissions, sales reporting, product analysis, automated ordering, vendor relations, online menus and pre-ordering, ID scanning, and cloud access. Together, a POS will improve the efficiency of your dispensary, allowing you to grow your business quickly.

What does seed to sale traceability mean?

All dispensaries are responsible for tracking every single cannabis seed they grow through to its eventual sale. Cannabis legalization has come with strict regulations that must be closely followed. Tracking them through your POS system will ensure accurate inventory throughout the whole process.

How do you follow state compliance for dispensaries?

Every dispensary must follow all city, state, and federal laws. City and state laws widely vary so it’s important to do significant research beforehand and consult a legal expert. It’s imperative to fully comply with all industry regulation prior to opening.

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