A KORONA POS Customer Story: Truro Vineyards

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Wineries are a great place for consumers to taste and experience the impressive process of wine making. From the grape growing and harvesting, to the fermentation and bottling, there is a whole lot that goes into making one of the world’s favorite beverages. Running a winery business can be very rewarding but challenging at the same time. Some of the challenges winery owners typically face range from the difficulties of growing the grapes and making the wine to finding a comprehensive technology solution that can streamline onsite and online sales and inform customers of allocated bottles, sales, and promotional events.

On the management end of things, you need to be able to meet customer needs while keeping track of back-end operations to assess the cost-effectiveness of your business. And that’s where the use of the right point of sale system steps in. Our winery POS system, KORONA POS, offers a sophisticated solution that can seamlessly work through all the different aspects of the business for a winery’s unique needs.

Our customer’s family-owned business, Truro Vineyards in Cape Cod, is a beautiful winery that has truly benefited from using KORONA POS software. To see their success, we visited their charming vineyard and chatted with co-owner Kristen Roberts and assistant winemaker Bethany Brann all about Truro Vineyards and how KORONA POS helped them scale their business.

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What is Truro Vineyards?

Truro Vineyards is a winery owned and operated by the Roberts family located on Cape Cod in the small, quaint town of Truro, Massachusetts. After a few decades in the fine wine and spirits industry, Dave Roberts retired in 2006 and pursued his dream of winemaking. Since 2007, he and his family have been hands-on owners, committed to offering a unique and memorable experience to all who visit. In addition to their winery and vineyard, they started a distillery, South Hollow Spirits.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a glass of wine overlooking Cape Cod Bay or you’re interested in learning about the winemaking process, Truro Vineyards is the perfect place for you. The Roberts family has created a destination for visitors and wine lovers from around the world. Definitely worth a stop to see what makes this vineyard so unique!

Why did Truro Vineyards Need a Winery POS System?

Truro Vineyards realized they had to change their entire business model when the pandemic hit. Because of the circumstances, they quickly understood that they needed to be contactless and have better, faster table service. Their old point of sale system was inherited, and they felt it was time for an upgrade as their business started to evolve. 

Truro Vineyards wanted one system that could handle all the many aspects of their winery. These included their tasting room, wine shop, warehouse, wine club membership, shipping, and bulk production. Ultimately, they needed an efficient point of sale system that can streamline the different parts of the business with features unique to wineries

How has KORONA POS Worked Truro Vineyards

According to Kristen and Bethany, KORONA POS has completely changed how Truro Vineyards does business. KORONA point of sale software has seamlessly helped transition all the different aspects of Truro Vineyard’s operation. It’s increased their efficiency and made customer interaction much more straightforward. They are now able to take orders and payments without contact for their outdoor seating, which has made their customers feel more comfortable. The transition to KORONA POS has helped them adapt and thrive in the current environment.

Kristen and Beth love seeing their numbers and live data reports. They are very impressed with the inventory management system and how simple it is to stay on top of their products. They are now able to stay organized and track their orders. Another benefit is being able to offer gift cards and have bLoyal integrated into their wine club.

Most importantly, our team is proud and happy to hear both Kristen and Beth mention that the KORONA POS support has been extremely helpful in troubleshooting anything they needed help with. This was especially useful in making their transition to a new point of sale system painless as possible. Overall, KORONA POS has made a significant positive impact on Truro Vineyards, and they couldn’t be happier with the results. 

We are thrilled to know KORONA POS has helped another business grow and scale by giving them the ability to streamline all their business needs. If you are a business owner in the wine industry, then you know how essential it is to have a good point of sale system. Truro Vineyards is a great example of how much their winery has benefited from using KORONA POS.

To learn how we can help your business grow and succeed, click below to sign up for a free trial and schedule a product demo. We’ll walk you through a custom training so you can see exactly how the system will work at your business.

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