Retail POS System

A complete solution to simplify your operations.

KORONA POS software system on terminal, back office point of sale system on table, and KORONA POS system on mobile.

Gain an edge with an advanced retail POS system

Accurate tracking should be non-negotiable in a retail point of sale system. KORONA POS makes product ordering, receiving, and inventory counts quick and easy. With advanced and automated inventory management features, you can quickly identify and resolve problems that will improve your operations and ROI.

Don’t accept chargebacks or slow transactions at your retail point of sale. With KORONA POS terminals, you can capture secure chip or contactless payments with the fastest transaction speeds. Our point of sale integrates with a variety of EMV and mobile-compatible, contactless payment terminals without forcing retailers into one specific credit card processor.

Don’t worry about data backups ever again. KORONA POS retail system stores your data using cloud POS technology. You can access all inventory reports in real-time from any device. Enjoy the ability to check on current in-store activities without having to call or physically go to any of your business locations. Our cloud-based retail store POS solution makes it easier than ever to securely store, transfer, and access all of your data.

KORONA POS consistently receives industry awards for our customer service team. We help each customer through the onboarding process with unlimited demos and product trainings. Plus, our team is available by phone, chat, and email whenever you need us. Call our support line for yourself at 833.200.0213 to see just how fast we are.

KORONA POS is loaded with features such as tracking for sales and staff, all for a great price! Ringing up sales, tracking finances, inventory, and back-office features. All of these are done easily with KORONA POS.

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Dynamic POS Tools and Features

A retail point of sale solution you can rely on.

KORONA POS updates and upgrades automatically. And it’s all included in your flat, monthly subscription of your retail POS system. You’ll never have to worry about having anything but the most up-to-date software for your business.

eCommerce Integrations

Employee Time and Performance Tracking

ID Scanning for Age Verification and Security

Loyalty Programs

EMV and Mobile Payment Options

Retail Inventory Management Tools

Cashier Permissions and Reports

Credit Card Processing Agnostic

Automatic Inventory Reordering

CRM and Email Marketing

Remote Access to KORONA Studio

Back office POS system and software, KORONA Studio on mobile web browser for business retailers.

Access your REtail POS data anywhere

KORONA Studio gives you access to make better retail business decisions.

  • Add and adjust employee permission levels
  • View all locations with one POS system
  • Access real-time data reports and live inventory stock
  • Adjust pricing, promotions, ordering, and more – all from any location.

The All-In-One Retail POS System

Scale Multiple Retail Stores

Our cloud POS for retail is built with room to grow. Whether you decide to open new locations or franchise your store, KORONA POS will scale with you. You no longer have to worry about outgrowing your POS system.

24/7 Customer Tech Support

At KORONA POS, we pride ourselves on providing merchants with a relaible point of sale solution. Enjoy professional 24/7 email, chat, and phone support to go with the best retail POS solution on the market.

Absolutely No Hidden Fees

We believe that our success should depend entirely on the success of your retail business. KORONA POS doesn’t require any contracts or sign-up fees. You get everything, including unlimited support, in a simple, flat monthly payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

-Cloud-based software and data backup
-Integrated EMV and contactless payments
-Real-time reporting
-Advanced inventory management and retail analysis
-Fast transaction speeds
-CRM and loyalty program integrations
-Quickbooks and accounting integrations

Retail point of sale solutions that are subscription-based will charge a monthly service fee that includes the POS software and any added updates made automatically over time for as long as you remain a member. Try to find one that charges no additional fees for any new features and benefits, particularly customer support.

-Accurate monitoring of stock levels
-Automatic product reordering
-Real-time tracking
-Order notifications
-Optimal order recommendations

If you have multiple locations and plan to continue growing, you should have a retail point of sale solution that allows your business to scale. Find a cloud-based solution to easily populate data to any new location without stressing over long transfer times. When your POS is in the cloud, you can also access all your data from all of your stores remotely in real-time.

KORONA POS system software displayed on a terminal.

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