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#1 Retail POS System

An advanced retail pos software that comes with integrated payments, inventory management, and real-time reporting, KORONA is designed for retailers who expect more from their point of sale.

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Retail Inventory Tracking

When it comes to retail inventory, accurate tracking is a crucial factor in choosing your point of sale solution. KORONA is the best retail POS system in the business. Ordering, receiving and inventory counts become quick, easy and straightforward tasks. Advanced features of KORONA’s smart inventory automation even helps retailers identify and resolve problems before they negatively impact business operations.

The Fastest Retail Checkout

Speed matters, especially in retail. The most common feedback KORONA gets from new customers is that they have never used a retail point of sale system that is faster. This has a great impact on the customer experience. If cashiers can spend less time focusing on the point of sale screen and credit card processing, they can spend more time building customer relationships.

Cloud Reporting and Backup

Never have to worry about data backups ever again. KORONA keeps your data safe in the cloud. In addition, all reports can be accessed in real-time from any device and from any location. Enjoy the ability to check on current store activities without having to call or physically go to your store.

EMV Payments

Don’t just accept chargebacks or slow transactions. You can have both secure chip payments and incredible transaction speed. KORONA integrates with a variety of EMV payment terminals without forcing retailers into one specific processor or credit card company. You have the option to enjoy choosing your preferred processor and still be fully integrated with speedy chip transactions.

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Advanced Retail POS Features That Will Make Your Business Excel

Never worry about falling behind! KORONA gets better every month and you will always run on the latest version without having to upgrade manually.

  • Cashier Action Tracking

  • Time Tracking

  • Loyalty Program Integration

  • Advanced Employee Permissions

  • Promotions

  • Gift Cards

  • Customer Database

  • Quickbooks Integration

  • Order Management

  • Reorder Levels

  • Product Analysis

  • EMV Card Reader Integration

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Advantages of Cloud POS Software for Retail

Included 24/7 Support

KORONA is highly reliable but we know that support is important. KORONA comes with high quality 24/7 email, chat, and phone support. You’ll never have to worry about any downtime the best retail POS system.

Great for Multiple Stores

Is your business ready to take off? KORONA works great for multi-store operations and even offers great solutions for retail franchises. Whether you are ready to expand or not, KORONA always is!

Flat Monthly Fee

We believe that our success should depend on KORONA being a success for your business. KORONA doesn’t require any signup or setup fees and has a flat monthly fee without any contracts.

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