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Take charge of your Music Store Operations

Get your inventory in order so that you can find out what your best and worst sellers are. Inventory at music shops is critical because so many items are high value. Get insights into all of your products, allowing you to make better plan promotions, pricing, and ordering. We make it easy to optimize your inventory for maximum profits.

Your point of sale can also help manage your marketing department by helping you plan promotions. Any price changes can be made easily in the POS system and reflected in product and sales reports. This allows you to properly interpret the performance of the campaign, making sure you never let your margins get too low.

Music shops thrive on loyal customers. So it’s important to identify them and keep them happy with the right rewards or loyalty program. KORONA POS makes this easy with a built-in point-based loyalty system and integration with several of the most robust solutions on the market. Enjoy features like SMS marketing, digital gift cards, and customer referral tools that retain customers.

Managing your shop has never been easier with the KORONA POS music store software system. Owners and managers can access the back office from any location, making basic operations much more convenient. All data is stored in remote servers and all changes are updated in real-time. This means you can make important adjustments immediately to keep your business on track.

KORONA POS makes inventory management such a breeze! The platform is easy to use/learn, and the customer support you get makes it worth every penny! I couldn’t do my job without their support line, and the POS system gives my employees the knowledge to help customers quickly and efficiently!


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Dynamic POS Tools and Features

Improve Business with a Music Store POS System

With a subscription to KORONA’s POS software, you’ll get access to your system from any internet-connected device from any location. Plus, any updates to the software will download overnight as soon as they’re released. This means your music shop will always have the latest point of sale software on the market

Remote Cloud Access

Music Vendor Management

Over and Understock Notifications

Modern and Contactless Payments

Custom Employee Access

Commission Calculator

Music Shop eCommerce Integration

Real-Time Price and Inventory Changes

Point-Based Music Loyalty Program

Product Analysis and Reports

How to start a music store by buying the right album inventory

Stay Informed

KORONA Studio gives your music store better insights.

  • Access your back office point of sale anywhere with an internet device.
  • Easily scale your music store into multi-locations with one POS system.
  • View live data and sales reports on the go or at another location.
  • Keep track of inventory and know what your store always has in stock.

Benefits of a QSR Point of Sale Subscription Service

Franchised Music Stores

Many music shops have multiple locations around town. It’s a business that thrives off of a great community, so it’s important for owners to prepare for growth. KORONA POS is built to help businesses grow and succeed. Not only will the software help improve your overall business operations, but it will also be ready to expand with you to new locations.

Free Customer Support

You’re going to have questions. And we’re going to be there to help. We want each of our customers to be able to take advantage of the powerful features that the software offers. We’ll also teach you all the ins and outs of your point of sale that will help you improve your business. Each of our subscribers is free to call, chat, or email any time, any day at no extra cost.

Zero Hidden Fees or Contracts

We offer an unlimited, no commitment trial. Find out how much it will improve business and start your subscription with no extra fees or charges. In addition to any hardware items you’ll need, the flat monthly fee is the only one you’ll ever pay. Better yet, we trust the integrity so we do not require any customers to sign a contract. The subscription is simply month-to-month.

Frequently Asked Questions

Music stores should have inventory management features that enable real-time product tracking. Implementing automatic restocking alerts and vendor management tools can help maintain optimal stock levels. Also, integrating POS sales data and analytics informs decisions on inventory replenishment and identifying popular products to improve customer satisfaction.

Music store POS systems help plan promotions by utilizing sales data to identify popular products and customer preferences. They analyze inventory levels to determine which items require promotion to clear excess stock or increase sales. The systems also enable targeted promotions through customer segmentation, allowing customized offers based on individual preferences, purchase history, and demographics.

Cloud-based point of sale (POS) provides real-time access to sales and inventory data from any location, enabling music store owners to monitor business performance and make informed decisions remotely. Additionally, cloud-based systems often offer seamless updates and data backup. This ensures the store operates smoothly with the latest features and protects valuable information from potential losses.

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