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An Entirely Innovative Winery POS System

KORONA is the best winery point of sale solution for wineries of all grapes and sizes


Customer Specialty Orders

Do customers ever request a wine delivery instead of taking the product with them? This is a pretty common request for wineries. KORONA’s advanced wine POS software can take orders right from the store POS screen and automatically check whether your shipment is compliant with local laws.

Wine Club Integration

KORONA is fully integrated with bLoyal, the best solution for wine club management and customer loyalty for wineries. Whether you are signing up new members, redeeming loyalty points or enter in custom orders, bLoyal can be used seamlessly from your winery point of sale solution.

Wine Inventory Management

KORONA has the best winery POS software for tracking inventory across your retail shop, tasting room, and wine club. Always know what you have in stock regardless of how many channels use the same inventory source.

More Than Retail

KORONA isn’t your average winery point of sale. In addition to standard retail in your wine shop, KORONA can serve as your POS for tastings, wine clubs, and even restaurant table service. It allows you to manage the floor to ensure servers can keep track of their guests. And the best part? KORONA can track your bottle inventory, even if you sell wine by the glass.

“I recently opened a winery in northern California. I was excited to get operations underway. I had everything ready and set to go besides a point of sale solution. I went online and found a page that said KORONA specialized in wineries, so I downloaded the free trial they offered. They immediately gave me a call to show me all the features it had and why it was perfect for my winery. It’s the best winery POS software I could have asked for.

The loyalty program works wonders for me, I have regulars who come in and use the points they have accumulated to buy bottles of wine. Loyalty members also receive an additional 15% off when buying 3 or more bottles. I have always believed in rewarding loyal customers and with KORONA I am able to do that and able to keep track of all my members in one easy place.”


Several Principal Wine Point of Sale Highlights That Will Set KORONA Above Other Winery POS Solutions

We appreciate feedback from all winery customers and continue to improve KORONA so that KORONA can improve your wine store or winery.

  • BLoyal Integration

  • Table Service

  • Kitchen/Bar Printers

  • Retail Sales

  • Off-Location Back Office Access

  • Happy Hour Promotions

  • Inventory Level Checks

  • Case Discounts

  • Customer Database

  • Pairing Suggestions

  • Advanced Descriptions

  • Real-Time Reporting


KORONA Is The Trusted POS Solution For Thousands of Businesses Like Yours




Point of Sale



The Most Modern POS Cloud Software with KORONA

All-in-one Wine Store POS

KORONA is one point of sale solution that can handle your retail sales as well as your wine tastings or even restaurant. There is no need to train your staff on 3 different POS solutions. KORONA’s wine point of sale software has got you covered.

Uninterrupted Support

Any KORONA subscription comes with the full support package and we don’t take support lightly! We understand that your winery’s reputation is on the line and our support is always ready to help, 24/7/365.


Whether you need to count inventory, serve customers at the table, or simply want to check some reports without being at your winery, KORONA’s wine software solution is able to run on various mobile devices helping you to get rid of pen and paper and spend more time with your guests and family.