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Keep the fun going for your customers.

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Manage all your operations from one system

Amusement parks and attractions typically have several different areas of sales, which should be handled by a single point of sale solution. Whether it’s your quick-service restaurant terminals, table service areas, gift shops, or admission booths, KORONA POS amusement park software has you covered.

We offer a cloud based management system that is remarkably easy to use. It can also easily track all products in your amusement park under one umbrella. This means that it will reflect the inventory changes in your gift shop and at your ice cream stand. Items can be tracked or updated at any location.

Not only will you need fast theme park ticketing software, but your amusement or theme park point of sale will also benefit from a great loyalty integration. Get the most out of your regular customers by offering various membership options or loyalty levels. This will increase revenue and keep lines moving.

Most amusement parks offer an array of pricing variations depending on the size of the group, time of day, year, age, or type of group. Keep it simple with a POS system that easily organizes all these options. Plus, you can create as many price categories as you need, so you never have to feel limited.

Every question I had, their answer was yes we can do that. It works very smoothly. Every ticket scans perfectly, every turnstile spins perfectly. So the solution works really, really well.


Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

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Dynamic POS Tools and Features

Run your amusement park POS solution with efficiency.

Upgrades and improvements are automatic and included in the base price of your point of sale subscription. You’ll never have to have anything but the very best amusement park management software. This way, your theme park will have one less thing to worry about.

Software for Multiple Verticals

Automated Order Refills

Various Employee Permission Levels

Promotions Built Into Theme Park POS

Ticketing and Turnstile System

Membership Options

Tip Management Assistance

Mobile Payments & Terminals

Cloud-Based Back Office Access

Smart Inventory Reporting

Accounting Software Integration

Improve The Visitor Expereince

Remain in control with capacity management

  • Control the capacity and flow of visitors with timed-entry.
  • Never overbook whether you are offering events, general admission, or both.
  • Keep track of how many visitors are in your park at all times with live visitor count.
  • Avoid long wait times and overcrowding in your amusement park.
  • Set rules that determine when and how often events and timed-entry should take place.

A Powerful POS System for Fairs, Festivals, and Other Theme Parks

Easy Amusement Point of Sale Setup

Whenever you’re ready to make the switch, our in-house support team is here to help get you set up and trained on all the features that make our theme park point of sale solution great. Training is completely free and we’ll be with you at every step.

Free Training and 24/7 Tech Support

Theme park POS problems should never hinder your business, so we’re always here to help out if you have any questions. And it’s not limited to the business day; our amazing support team is here for you at any hour, any day.

No Contracts or Long-Term Commitments

KORONA POS is free to try. Once you start your subscription, you’re also free to leave at any time. There are no upfront costs, cancellation fees, or contracts of any length. We’re confident that our POS will help your business immediately and indefinitely.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can have one single point of sale solution that integrates all the different areas of sales in your amusement park with multi-vertical software features on your POS system.

The product combos and coupon feature will allow you to set different pricing variations for different sizes of groups, time of day, season in the year, age, or type of group.

The loyalty program feature on your amusement park point of sale allows you to offer different types of memberships to keep your customers coming back to your park. You can set different loyalty levels with different promotion offerings and reward your best customers. If you want to integrate another loyalty program, you can easily do that as well combined with the built-in program already set with your POS.

  • Software for Multiple Verticals
  • Ticketing and Turnstile System
  • Membership and Loyalty Integration
  • Detailed Theme Park Analytics and Reporting
  • Accounting Software Integrations
  • Smart Inventory Management System

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