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The Leading Amusement Park POS System

a theme park POS system for places with long lines and fun rides

POS system

Product Combos and Coupons

Most amusement parks offer an array of pricing variation depending on the size of the group, time of day or year, age or special group. Keep it simple with a theme park point of sale system that easily organizes each of these options, making your staff happy and your lines moving quickly.

Ease of Reporting

Smart, cloud-based reporting is integral to any business. KORONA offers amusement park management with remarkable ease of use. It can also easily track all products in your amusement park, from the gift shop to the ice cream stand. Under the cloud, these items can be tracked or updated anywhere.

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Multi-platform Capability

Amusement parks typically have several different areas of sales, which should be handled by a single point of sale solution. KORONA can do this. Whether it’s your quick-service terminals, table service areas, or admission booths, KORONA’s top amusement park point of sale system has you covered.

Long Lines? No Problem

Let’s face it, long lines are a good thing at any amusement park or carnival. But not if they’re because of slow ticketing software or theme park management system. KORONA is regarded as one of the fastest in the field. Not only are transaction speeds lightning fast, but it’s easy to learn as well. Your staff will be comfortable in no time.

“KORONA is great software with a lot of features to help you grow your business. Great inventory tracking, a lot of reports that give you the most information you need to grow your business, and easy time tracking for employees. The customer service team helps to get all information you need.”

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Integral Properties of Your Amusement Park POS System

Upgrades and improvements are automatic and included with your KORONA subscription. You’ll never have to have anything but the very best amusement park management software. This way, your theme park will have one less thing to worry about.

  • Multi-Platform Capabilities

  • Automatic Ordering

  • Promos, Combos and Discounts

  • Cashier Allowances

  • Back Office in the Cloud

  • Smart Reporting

  • Integrated Accounting

  • Customer Relationship Database

  • Payroll and Time Management

  • EMV (chip) Payments

  • Tip Management

  • Mobile Payments & Terminals

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Easy Setup

Whenever you’re ready to make the switch, KORONA is here to help get you set up and trained on all of the features that make our amusement park point of sale solution great.

No Long Term Commitment

Korona is free and easy to try. And we’re so sure you’ll love it that we never include upfront costs or contracts of any length. We’re confident that KORONA will help your business immediately and indefinitely.

Customer Support, 24/7

Theme park POS problems should never hinder your business. And we’re always here to help out if there are questions. And it’s not limited to the business day; we’re here for you at any hour.

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