POS Hardware and Cash Register

Learn what cash register POS is best for your SMB. With KORONA, you have options for your point of sale hardware.

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Enjoy POS and mPOS Options

No matter what type of store you have you have options. Hardware choices range from powerful desktop solutions to small, mobile tablets.

Cash Register POS and Drawer

Your POS hardware will also include a cash register with a drawer. KORONA offers each customer options and flexibility in their cash register, from large desktops to mobile tablets.

POS register with employee home screen
Point of sale desktop with POS Features on screen

Modern, Mobile Payment Hardware

Accept all modern forms of payment including EMV and contactless NFC payments.

Get All POS Peripherals

You’ll also get scanners and a receipt printer in addition to your credit card machine. Make the checkout fast and efficient.

Get the right POS hardware for your small business.

mPOS Tablets

Use tablets to open up new lanes during busy times quickly so that your lines don’t get too long.

Customer-Facing Displays

Powerful desktops with a customer-facing screen improve the checkout experience and make it easy for your staff.

Intuitive Design

Sleek POS hardware coupled with intuitive software makes learning the system a breeze.

Inventory Scanners

Ensure fast and accurate inventory counts with the reliable barcode scanners that can be used anywhere in your store.

Payment and pricing options for KORONA’s POS cash register

POS desktop hardware

Hardware Leasing Options

We offer hardware leases for business that don’t want to invest in owning POS hardware. This keeps it simple and leaves you little to worry about.

Payment Plans Available

KORONA also offers payment plans on hardware solutions. We don’t expect you to have to pay for it all at once.

Fast Receipt Printers

Your POS should never hold up a line so our receipt printers are lightning fast. Fast lines mean more transactions and better sales.

Full POS Hardware Integrations

KORONA’s software integrates with just about every hardware solution out there. This leaves our customers with the choice of keeping any existing hardware or buying hardware of their preference.

Point of sale tablet hardware with inventory reporting

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