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#1 Vape Shop POS System

for vape shops that smoke the competition, just like yours


Easy and Fast

Your staff will be able to learn the system within minutes. And transactions are lightning fast. This allows employees to focus on the customer instead of the POS system. In addition, it allows vape shops to process special orders and track customers and it comes with integrated payment solutions.

Get into the Cloud

Cloud-based solutions are no longer a luxury; they’re a necessity. Whether it is one location or 100, the KORONA back office delivers all sales data in real-time and can be accessed through any device from any location. This saves you time and minimizes costly errors. Efficiency and consistency is money.

Inventory is Key

KORONA is unbeatable when it comes to inventory management. It can handle large product databases with ease. Its intuitive mass edit feature makes it easy to change thousands of products with just a few clicks. In addition, KORONA helps vape shops identify which products do well and which only take up shelf space. Additionally, use our inventory management to set automatic orders and par levels.

Promotions and Loyalty Programs

Regular customers make up a significant part of any vape shop’s revenue.  Use your POS system to help encourage repeat clients. KORONA provides several features that help vape shops to achieve just that. Whether it is discount coupons with each receipt or a club membership, integrated promotions and loyalty programs are just another way KORONA can help your business succeed.

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Since we’ve gone into the KORONA eco-system, we’ve literally experienced zero seconds of downtime. That has been an incredible thing for us and saved us a lot of money. It’s created a better experience for the customer and we no longer have to turn people away at the door.

Steve Lee, Kennewick, WA
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Key Vape Shop Point of Sale Features That Make Business Run Better Than Usual

Upgrades are automatic and free with KORONA so you never have to worry about buying and installing new software. This way, your vape store will always have the best POS software available.

  • Cloud-Based Systems

  • Advanced Inventory Management

  • Quickbooks Integration

  • Employee Permission Levels

  • EMV Payments

  • Multi-Store Integration

  • Smart Reporting

  • Client History and Database

  • Staff Time Tracking

  • Promotions and Coupons

  • Tip Management

  • Customer Loyalty Programs

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Advanced Cloud POS Software for Your Vape Store

No Initial Fees, No Contracts

KORONA is free to try. And even after you try it and love it, there are no costs to start and no binding contract. Our flat monthly fee is just that: FLAT. You’ll love KORONA because it’s straightforward and intuitive. Our rates and services are the same.

A Scalable System

KORONA is built to make your life easier and your vape shop more successful. Your entire database is in one place so there’s never any confusion with product moving between stores or opening a new location. Your POS system should help with your growth, not hinder it.

Non-Stop Customer Support

No matter your vape shop’s hours, your POS solution should be there for you any time of the day or night. That’s why KORONA comes with included customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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