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Take charge of Vape Shop operations

Regulars make up a significant part of any vape shop business. And you can use your vape shop POS system to help encourage repeat clients and grow your customer base. We provide several features that help you to achieve just that. Whether it’s SMS text marketing offers, discount coupons with each receipt or a club membership, integrated promotions and loyalty programs are just another way KORONA POS can help your business continue to succeed.

KORONA POS is unbeatable when it comes to vape store inventory management. It can handle large product databases with ease. Its intuitive mass edit feature makes it easy to change thousands of products with just a few clicks. In addition, advanced inventory reporting helps vape shops identify which products do well and which only take up shelf space. You can even set automatic orders and par levels, and identify overstocked or understocked items.

Your staff will be able to learn the system within minutes. Plus, integrated payment options and fast transaction speeds add convenience and keep lines moving. This allows employees to focus on the customer instead of the POS system. In addition, it allows vape shops to process special orders and track customers with their customer relationship management platform

Cloud-based POS solutions are no longer a luxury; they’re a necessity. Whether it is one location or 100, the KORONA POS back office delivers all sales data in real-time and can be accessed through any device from any location. This saves you time, minimizes costly errors, and allows you to make important changes right away. Your vape store point of sale should scale with your business.

KORONA POS makes inventory management such a breeze! The platform is easy to use/learn, and the customer support you get makes it worth every penny! I couldn’t do my job without their support line, and the POS system gives my employees the knowledge to help customers quickly and efficiently!


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Dynamic POS Tools and Features

A Reliable Vape Shop POS Solution

Let your vape shop point of sale be the least of your worries. Instead, we do the work for you. KORONA POS will update your system immediately after we improve any parts of our software. Better, yet this is included in your monthly subscription.

eCommerce Integration with Buy Online Pick-up in Store

Cashier and Employee Permission Levels

ID Scanning for Age Verification and Security

Integrated Payment Option & Processing Choice

Desktop, Tablet, and Peripheral Hardware Options

Sync Online and Physical Store Inventory Data

Product Codes, Categories, and Descriptions

Real-Time Price and Inventory Changes

Remote Access to Inventory and Back Office

Time-Based Promotions and Happy Hour Capabilities

Time Tracking and Payroll Assistance

Remote Back Office POS Software

Keep track of your vape shop with KORONA Studio.

  • View current stock levels at any store with live inventory insights.
  • Access KORONA Studio from any internet-enabled device, anytime.
  • Easily manage and update permissions for your staff without being present.
  • Monitor store performance, track trends, and see real-time metrics.

Benefits of a Vape Store Point of Sale Subscription Service

A System That Grows with You

KORONA POS can make running a business less stressful and time-consuming. Your entire database is in one place so there’s never any confusion with products moving between stores or opening a new location. Your vape store POS system should help your growth, not hinder it.

Non-Stop Customer Support

No matter your vape shop’s hours, your vape POS solution should be there for you whenever you need it. That’s why KORONA POS comes with included customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekAnytime you have questions, you can reach us via email, text, chat, or phone.

No Contract or Extra Fees

KORONA POS is free to try. Even after you try it and love it, there are no costs to start and no binding contract. Our flat monthly fee is just that: FLAT. You’ll love our vape store point of sale solution because it’s straightforward and intuitive. Our rates and services are the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

POS systems can help vape shops get repeat business by having a feature that offers discount coupons with each purchase and a loyalty program that encourages customers to keep coming back.

Vape shops can efficiently manage inventory by using intuitive point of sale software that allows for advanced tracking and reporting. This way they can see important factors such as which products are selling well and when it is time to stock up on more items. They can also utilize tools such as automatic recurring stock orders to prevent running out of stock.

Vape shops can benefit a lot from a cloud-based point of sale. All of your sales data can be delivered in real time and can be accessed remotely from anywhere, saving time and minimizing errors.

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