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The Best Coffee Shop POS System

the point of sale for coffee shops and cafés that take pride in what they do

POS system

Speed and Ease of Use

Checking out customers is easier and faster than you can imagine. KORONA’s café POS is able to handle long lines and get people their caffeine quickly. This leads to serious improvements in customer satisfaction and a lot of regulars.

Coupons and Punch Cards

Customer loyalty is key to any coffee shop’s success. KORONA provides the right tools to reward your customers in a way they understand and appreciate. If you have multiple locations you can share gift cards and rewards across locations. KORONA can also integrate easily with advanced customer loyalty programs.


Your Business in the Cloud

Take your small business into the cloud and enjoy data security and the convenience to check on all reports in real-time from any location and any device. Managing multiple coffee shops remotely has never been easier!

Advanced Barista Permissions and Tracking

Are you ever worried about your employees handing out free stuff to their friends or even taking money? KORONA’s allows for unique cashier permissions and tracks every action. Missing money or inventory is easily identified.


Main Traits That Make KORONA the Best POS System for a Coffee Shop

KORONA comes with many advanced features specifically for coffee shop or café software. However, we’re always getting better. Updates and improvements will occur automatically, at no extra cost, making sure you always have the best coffee shop POS software.

  • Cashier Permissions

  • Time Clock

  • Promotions

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Franchising

  • Cash Control

  • Integrated EMV Payments

  • Advanced Evaluations

  • Inventory Management

  • Customer Evaluations

  • Time-Based Discounts

  • Tip Management


KORONA Is The Trusted POS Solution For Thousands of Businesses Like Yours




Point of Sale



A POS System for Coffee Shops Should Be in the Cloud. Here Are a Few Reasons:

No Contract for Your Small Business

We truly believe that you will love KORONA for your POS solution. So why would we need to force you into a contract? Well, we don’t. Our subscriptions are monthly and that’s it.

24/7 Support Included

You may not be open 24/7 but KORONA’s support team is there for you anyway. In addition, there are no extra charges to use our support. You can reach us via phone, email, and chat.

Setup Included

KORONA does not require any setup or signup fees. Your flat monthly KORONA subscription is the only fee you will ever see from this point of sale solution. Just another reason why KORONA is the best POS system for cafés.