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Best Rated Small Business POS System

made for growing small businesses with high standards


A Little Speed Goes a Long Way

KORONA has always been the industry’s leader in transaction time. To provide excellent customer service, a quick point of sale system is one of the essentials. A top POS system can help your small business grow and increase your profits.

Smart Inventory Management

Proper inventory management is a difficult but crucial task. Your point of sale system can optimize product pars and ordering. KORONA can help your small business keep the ideal level of stock, preventing both a lack of cash flow, as well as embarrassing stockouts.

A POS in the Cloud

Your point of sale system benefits from being kept in the cloud. As the owner or manager, you can access or update important data immediately and without having to be on-site. With a single, centralized database, this is especially beneficial for small businesses with multiple stores.

Webstore Integration

Watch your online store grow in addition to your brick and mortar business. KORONA is fully integrated with eCommerce retail platform, WooCommerce. This means that sales from both stores are organized together in your point of sale solution.

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“Incredibly user-friendly. Their support is awesome with helping in every way. They have grown a lot since we first signed up but we still get their great customer service. There is very little to complain about. There are a lot of functions that once explained, are very intuitive.”

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Some of KORONA’S Unique Facets Made Specifically for Small Business Point of Sale Systems

With KORONA’s software as a service, you’ll receive any upgrades without ever having to request them or pay a single cent. Make sure that your small business only has the best POS software on the market.

  • Employee Reporting

  • Loyalty Integration Options

  • Quickbooks Compatibility

  • Email Marketing

  • Cloud POS Management

  • Automated Ordering

  • Over and Under Stock Reports

  • System Access Levels

  • Payroll & Time Tracking

  • EMV and Mobile Payments

  • Tip Processing and Reporting

  • Discounts and Promotions

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KORONA Is The Trusted POS Solution For Thousands of Businesses Like Yours




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Keep Your Data in the Cloud with This Top of the Line POS System Software for Small Businesses

Software as a Service (SaaS) Model

Software is constantly improving and we don’t believe you should have to purchase new and expensive software every six months just to keep up. With KORONA’s SaaS model, any upgrades to our software will be automatic and included with your subscription.

Free, 24/7/365 Support

There are inevitably hiccups in any small business operation. That’s why KORONA includes phone, email, and chat support with every subscription. We’re here to help as often as you need it and will never charge an additional cent for it.

No Sign-Up Fees or Contracts

KORONA is happy to offer any potential customers a free trial. And you’ll never be coerced into long-term contracts or tricked with hidden fees. A monthly subscription is the only thing you’ll ever pay for, and it starts at $49/month.

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