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Manage all your operations from one system

Most water parks rely on more than just the price of admission to keep business profitable. This includes your snack bar, retail space, gift store, kiosk stands, and equipment rentals. Easily manage all of these with just one POS system, especially to analyze inventory and compare profitability across all various sale channels.

Our water park ticketing software also provides various integration options. Water attractions need more durable tickets and KORONA POS can quickly print scannable plastic wristbands or wearable tags. You can also print membership and loyalty plastic cards on-site. This saves you time and adds convenience for all of your visitors.

Popular water parks often have long lines on nice summer days. Long lines can frustrate guests and leave potential customers looking at your competition. With handheld or wall-mounted ticket scanners and turnstiles connected to your POS system, your lines will move quickly so you can maximize your sales and keep your visitors happy.

Water parks and attractions usually sell season passes for individuals and families. This is easy to account for in your sales reporting and even easier to print on the spot with card and wristband printers. Customize and automate group and school discounts along with a point-based loyalty program.

KORONA POS has absolutely outstanding customer phone support. Our account specialists are over the top attentive and eager to troubleshoot at any hour. Knowing we have this every single day makes it always very reassuring for the success of our business

Jennifer B.

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Dynamic POS Tools and Features

Essential Water Park Tools for Better Business Operations

KORONA POS is always getting better. And you get all improvements at no extra costs. With your monthly subscription, all software upgrades download overnight on your water park’s POS. From ticketing integrations to loyalty programs, you can be confident that you always have the best solution on the market.

Customizable Stock Notifications

Turnstile Integrations

Staff Access Permission Levels

Consolidated Inventory for All Channels

Advanced Metrics and Reports

Water Park Ticketing System

Membership and Group Rate Options

Customer Retention Management System

Advanced Payment Options

Kiosk and Tablet Hardware

Durable Wristbands and Cards

Improve The Visitor Expereince

Have More Control with Real-Time Reporting and a Scalable Inventory System

  • Sell merchandise alongside water park tickets in your custom online store.
  • Manage capacity at all times with live visitor count and timed-entry.
  • View sales and inventory data from multiple stands and multiple locations.
  • Consolidated inventory for all your channels, such as your eCommerce store, box-office, call center, and mobile app.

A Powerful POS System for Fairs, Festivals, and Other Theme Parks

A Solution for Your Entire Water Park

Not only can KORONA POS handle your ticketing and admissions, but it comes with unique software features built for the rest of your park. Run your admissions on the same system as your quick-service spot, gift shop, and rental area. It makes staff training and inventory management that much easier.

Free POS Installation and Training

Your water park will be equipped with an all-in-one POS system at no additional cost. Installation, training, and tutorials on tools and features are all included in your simple monthly subscription. And you’ll never have to sign any contracts. Enjoy better business operations.

Unparalleled Free Software Support

Be confident that your point of sale will always be reliable when you have 24/7 in-house software support included in your monthly fees. You can text, email, or call our product specialists at any time if you have questions or issues. We’ll never leave you unassisted.

Frequently Asked Questions

In just one point of sale solution, you can manage a variety of sales channels inside your water park such as snack bars, retail spaces, gift stores, kiosk stands, and equipment rentals.

-Manage all inventory from all sales channels in your water park from one central location
-Compare profitability across multiple sales channels
-Receive notifications regarding stock levels
-Set automatic reordering
-Real-time updates and remote access

-Multiple Sales Channel Inventory Integration
-Gate and Turnstile Connection
-Special Pricing, Memberships, and Loyalty Programs
-Various Ticketing Options
-Online Ticketing and At Home Printing
-Kiosk and Tablet Hardware
-Durable Wristbands and Cards
-Advanced Payment Options

-Scannable and Durable Plastic Wristbands
-Wearable Tags
-Membership and Loyalty Cards
-Online Ticketing

When your water park POS is in the cloud, it means all your backend details, CRM, sales and accounting reports, and inventory data from all your sales channels and business locations can be accessed remotely in real-time and in one centralized location. This makes it easy to stay updated at all times, connect any new verticals, and instantly take action to ensure business is running smoothly.

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