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“I like the customization, breadth of features, and inventory process from KORONA POS. The functionality of the inventory process is user-friendly and takes a lot of the work out of my hands and automates most of the process.”

A Fast and Simple Pet Shop POS System

Pet store clients often need advice and lean on helpful staff. KORONA POS software is powerful at processing transactions and eliminates stressful lines for retail businesses. Associates can hang out more with your customers (even the humans) and less with the pet store point of sale system.

Powerful Inventory Management Features

Our pet shop POS software can automate the ordering process and save hours of labor each week. In addition, stock notifications can help businesses identify the best and worst sellers, generate over and under stock reports, and adjust accordingly for the next order of toys and treats.

Customer Relationship Management and Loyalty

Pet shops thrive on loyal customers, so it is crucial to maintain a good relationship. Track customers, create promotions, manage a loyalty points system, and generate coupons with our POS software. KORONA POS is also integrated with Astro Loyalty, the number one customer loyalty engine for pet stores.

Real-Time Data Analytics and Reports

KORONA POS developed one of the first cloud-based pet shop POS systems. This is an invaluable feature for pet stores and boutiques that have more than one location. Access and evaluate sales trends for one or all of your stores remotely, allowing you to make important business decisions faster.

Essential Pet Store POS System Features

There are more and more dispensary POS solutions on the market every day. KORONA POS has been around since day one. We’re constantly striving to provide our users with a better solution, which is why our subscription receives automatic updates to the software the moment they’re released. With KORONA POS cloud-based systems, you have remote access, increased security, more flexibility, and automated upgrades, all at no extra charge.

Customer Display Desktops

CRM and Pet Store Loyalty Programs

Product & Service Performance Reports

Remote Inventory Management

Pet Shop KPI Reports and Metrics

ABC Product Analysis

Automated Commission Tracking

Time Tracking and Employee Scheduling

Promotions, Bundles, and Time-Based Discounts

Automatic Product Reorder Settings

Retail Franchise and Multi-Location Features

KORONA POS Software on Terminal Hardware

KORONA POS an All-In-One Point Of Sale Software Trusted By Thousands






Points of Sale

The Best Cloud POS System for Pet Stores

Unlimited Support Whenever You Need It

We take pride in not charging any additional fees for serving our customers. We fully include all tech support in your monthly KORONA POS subscription. And it’s available any time, any day, with options to contact us via email, phone, or chat.

Scale Your Pet Shop Business with Ease

We built KORONA POS to take your business to the next level. Whether you already have multiple pet store locations or are looking to expand, we make managing and expanding your pet shop franchise or chain much easier.

Retail and Service Point of Sale Features

Do you also offer services such as grooming? No problem, KORONA POS pet store software is great for handling your service transactions in addition to your retail sales. Easily manage all of your products and services in one system.

Improve Customer Sales and Retention with KORONA POS and Astro Loyalty Integrations

  • Digitally automated and integrated loyalty programs through your POS system.
  • Save time and money from keeping track of papers, cards, or UPCs with an easy loyalty platform
  • Easily manage promotions or offers with distribution and fulfillment houses
  • Enjoy a full variety of marketing tools for your customers with content provided by pet brands
  • Retain pet owner loyalty through frequent buyer programs and point systems


What can a cloud-based point of sale system do for my pet shop?

With a cloud-based system, pet shops can access sales reports and analytics remotely and in real-time which will help business owners make decisions faster from any location.

What should be included in my built-in loyalty program for my pet store?

Your built-in loyalty program for your pet shop that comes with your POS solution should allow you to track customers, create coupons and promotions, and manage loyalty points so that you can reward your customers for coming to your store.

How should I manage my pet store inventory?

A great inventory management system that comes with your point of sale can help you manage your pet store inventory. Find one that will let you automate your orders and identify the best and worst sellers so that you can take control of how to best move your products.

What features should I have in my pet shop POS system?

-Pet shop loyalty program
-Time tracking and scheduling assistance
-Remote inventory management
-KPI reports and metrics
-Third-party software integrations

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