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The Essential Pet Store POS System

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Quick and Simple

Pet shop clients often need advice and lean on helpful staff. KORONA’s powerful processing eliminates stressful lines and associates are able to hang out more with your customers (even the humans) and less with the point of sale system.

Live Analytics and Reports

KORONA offered one of the first cloud-based POS systems. This is an invaluable feature for pet stores that have more than one location. Consider and evaluate sales trends remotely, allowing you to make money-saving changes faster.

Inventory Management

KORONA takes inventory management seriously. Pet shops are able to automate their ordering process and save hours of labor each week. In addition to automated reordering, it can help businesses identify the best and worst sellers and adjust accordingly before placing the next order.

Customer Management and Loyalty

Pet shops thrive on recurring business. It is crucial for any pet shop to maintain a good relationship with all customers. KORONA allows pet shops to track customers, easily create promotions, and offer coupons. For additional marketing and loyalty programs, KORONA also has a full integration with bLoyal, the number one customer loyalty engine for pet shops.

Pet Store POS System
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“I like the customization, breadth of features, and inventory process from KORONA. The functionality of the inventory process is user-friendly and takes a lot of the work out of my hands and automates most of the process.”

David, Dockside
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Important Qualities for Pet Store POS Systems That You Should Focus On

KORONA is an amazing pet store POS solution. However, it always gets better. You will receive all updates and improvements automatically, and at no cost.

  • Remote Inventory Management

  • In-Depth Data Analytics

  • Reorder Levels

  • Reorder Optimization

  • Customer Display Ads

  • Customer Database

  • Top/Slow Seller

  • Loyalty Integrations

  • Time Tracking

  • Product Analysis

  • Cross-Selling

  • Commissions

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Unlimited Support Included

We take pride in not charging any additional fees for serving our customers. All support is fully included in your monthly KORONA subscription. And it’s available any time, any day.

Retail + Service

Do you also offer services such grooming? No problem, KORONA is great at handling your service transactions in addition to your retail sales.

Scale With Ease

KORONA was built to take your business to the next level. Whether you already have multiple locations or are ready to expand, KORONA makes managing and growing your pet stores much easier.

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