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POS System

Run your business with the #1 POS system.

See how KORONA’s POS system can streamline operations and excel sales…


Simple and Fast

Cloud Based Back Office

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POS System Back Office

KORONA has the fastest checkout and can be fully customized. When it comes to increasing sales a fast POS system can really make a difference.

KORONA has a cloud based back office which can me accessed from any where and any device. Can you think of a POS system that can give you real time reports on the go? KORONA is the one!

Cloud Based Back Office

The POS system will download all database changes, such as products and prices. All POS system sales will be uploaded immediately if an internet connection is present. This unique combination allows you to take advantage of real-time reporting and give you the ability of offline sales at the same time. Could you think of a better concept for a modern POS system.

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All Features You Expect From a POS System

When it comes to features KORONA never falls short. Today much is expected from POS systems. KORONA doesn’t just deliver. KORONA was developed to impress!

  • Fast and Easy Checkout

  • Integrated Payments

  • Inventory Tracking

  • Works Offline

  • Access Back Office from Anywhere

  • Real-time Reporting

  • Business Automation

  • Multi-Store and Warehouse Management

  • Employee Time Tracking

  • Commission Tracking

  • Cashier Permissions

  • Employee Action Tracking

And there is more…

  • No Contract

  • No Signup Fees

  • Use Any Payment Processor

  • Included 24/7 Support

  • Included Software Updates

  • Upgrade or Downgrade Anytime

Businesses benefiting from KORONA POS Systems



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Take the first step today and improve your business tomorrow

1. Let’s talk

Evaluating POS systems can be hard. We are here to help! Talk to one of our experts.

2. Data Import

Let’s skip manual data entry and make things easy. We can import your existing data or your vendor product list.

3. System Setup

You can use your existing equipment or get your new POS system hardware delivered, pre-installed and configured.

4. Test

Run some test transactions and try out everything you have been wanting to do with your POS system.

5. Start selling

Run your business like never before and take advantage of the continuously growing possibilities.

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