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#1 Museum POS System

for museums who don’t want their point of sale to be a relic

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Inventory with Ease

Tracking inventory across your gift shops, convenience shops, and quick-service stops can be challenging. KORONA takes the pain out of managing inventory. KORONA will notify you when inventory falls below a certain point and even generate purchase orders if required. It’s truly an all-in-one POS solution.

Cloud Management in Real-Time

Not only can KORONA provide detailed insight, but it can do that in real-time. It is crucial to know what is being sold and how many visitors are currently occupying the museum in order to prevent issues before they turn into disasters. The best part is you can review all sales simultaneously for each and every location.

Speedy Lines

When it comes to checkout speed KORONA outperforms any other POS solution. Some high volume museums have reported that KORONA allows them to check out customers twice as fast. This shortens lines and leads a much better customer experience.

Advanced Admission Ticketing

KORONA is equipped to handle admission ticket sales for museums of all sizes. Personalized annual passes, professional ticket printers or even multiple entry points with turnstiles are no problem for KORONA.

“We wanted a fresher, faster POS. Especially with chip processing capabilities. KORONA is perfect. We’ve adapted well, love the terminals and speed, and rely on the excellent customer service. New is always exciting, as long as it works. And it certainly has. “

Donna Conly, Yum Yum Bake Shop
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Key Museum Point of Sale Features That Will Make Your Business Better

Your museum shouldn’t have to worry about buying and installing new software upgrades. That’s why it’s all included in your monthly KORONA museum POS subscription. You’re guaranteed to always have to very best.

  • Cloud Management

  • Automated Ordering Queues

  • Over and Understock Reports

  • Staff Permission Levels

  • Multi-Platform Sales

  • Promotions and Discounts

  • Quickbooks Integration

  • Customer History and Data

  • Loyalty and Membership Programs

  • Integrated Payment Processing

  • Offline Inventory Management

  • Cashier Tracking

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Zero Extra Fees

KORONA’s POS solution comes included with everything that you need. There are initial costs or long-term contracts. Even better, you get to try it for free. Oh, and we set it up for you for free.

Seamless Scalability

KORONA is designed to make your life easier and business better. No matter how many different retail locations you have in your museum, we got you covered. Your database is all in one place so inventory is easy to manage.

Included Support, 24/7

Our amazing support team is also included in your monthly subscription. You can call us any time of the day or night to troubleshoot or train. We’re always happy to help.

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