The Best Retail Blog Posts of 2018: KORONA’s Top 10 of the Year

We’ve almost made it through 2018! A lot of great things have happened to us here at KORONA over the past year, and we hope the same for your small business.  Our goal ultimately is for each business that uses KORONA POS to succeed. After all, we don’t succeed unless you do. For this reason, one of our biggest goals for 2018 was to provide our customers and readers with more valuable content through our in-depth manual and our blog.

First and foremost, we strive to write content that educates people on what a POS can do and what tools or features your business might need. But as part of our goal that every single one of our customers succeeds, we also strive to offer valuable general retail advice. And we sincerely hope you’ve found it helpful and interesting. So for the end of the year, let’s take a look at our 10 favorite blogs and, what we think, are the best retail blog posts of 2018: 5 about the POS and 5 retail-oriented. And in 2019, please don’t hesitate to suggest a topic that you’d like us to cover. We want next year to be even better.

The Top 5 Point of Sale Blogs

From new features to detailed buyer’s guides, here are our 5 favorite POS-related posts, including a few honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions

5. What Is a POS System and Other Point of Sale Terminology Explained – Sometimes the vocabulary swirling around POS discussions can be a little overwhelming. This breaks down some of the most important terms and concepts surrounding your point of sale. Take 10 minutes and come away with the knowledge to help you make a better decision about your POS.

4. 12 Point of Sale System Features – This post breaks down the major features that every business should look for in a POS. From sales reports to auto-ordering, these are standard features with KORONA’s solution.

3. Beware of Free Point of Sale System Offers – We’re tired of hearing stories of small businesses being conned into outrageous contracts and credit card processing fees all in the name of a “free POS.” It’s unfair and pathetic. This guide highlights the most common scams. Hopefully, we encounter fewer stories of this in 2019.

2. ABC Retail Analysis – KORONA’s ABC Analytics was one of the most exciting new features we added this year. With the click of a mouse your POS can rate each of your products by revenue and profitability, giving you more valuable advice on your  All in about 15 seconds.

1. A POS System Buyer’s Guide – Shopping for a new POS system is a daunting task. Many retailers know little about one of their most important business decisions. Our buyer’s guide is our favorite post of the year because it breaks down your decision into smaller factors, helping even the most uninformed buyer make a better decision for their business.

The Top 5 Retail Advice Blogs for 2018  

These are mainly on the marketing side of things, but there are just so many new ways to grow your business through different marketing avenues. We’ll throw in a handful of honorable mentions here as well 🙂

Honorable Mentions

5. Retail Theft Prevention Tips – in 2017, retailers lost a combined $46.8 billion to theft. $46.8 BILLION. We put together this blog with a few simple and few more advanced ways that retail owners can protect themselves against theft in the future. From store layout/design to proper training, there are some affordable changes every retailer should make to their store.

4. Retail Pricing Strategies – The psychology behind retail is fascinating. And one of the most interesting aspects of it is how products are priced. Of course, calculating margins is an exact and important science, but knowing a few tricks can add some finesse to your pricing. Find out why Cheetos opened a luxury eCommerce store with $20k earrings!

3. Email Marketing Tips – Email marketing has the highest ROI of any marketing outlet. It’s easy to start and email marketing tools are very affordable. Once you’re convinced to start your email marketing, check out this blog for in-depth advice on how to write great emails. From figuring out your target audience to writing copy that gets emails opened and links clicked, this guide is thorough and actually pretty interesting.

2. SEO for Retailers – Another thorough guide, this one covers the basics for setting up a retail SEO strategy. If you spent the time and money on a website or web store, make sure it’s seen! Following these standards for keyword research, website structure, content writing, and more to get more traffic to your site and higher sales in 2019.

1. Credit Card Processing – Though it might be a bit more grueling to read (it certainly was to write it), this guide to credit card processing is CRUCIAL. Every business owner should know at least the basics of how the industry works and where their money is going. A difference of 1% in fees might not seem like much now, but it is at the end of the year. Try calculating what you would have saved if your processing fees were a percentage point less. This guide explains the process and tells what to look out for when shopping for processing and your POS.

The Best Retail Blog Posts of 2018 and Your POS System

If you’re an existing customer of ours, a potential one, or just someone looking for retail advice, feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions for future blog posts. We’re also happy to walk you through a free demo of our great POS software.

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