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CMS Max is a website platform that builds eCommerce sites with SEO capabilities. It integrates seamlessly with various systems, allowing users to manage their websites easily. Trusted by web developers and marketing agencies, CMS Max prioritizes visibility on Google Search, combining online marketing and website solutions.

CMS Max offers a robust eCommerce platform with SEO capabilities and seamless integration with KORONA POS. This integration ensures that your physical and digital sales environments are perfectly synchronized, maintaining consistency and accuracy in inventory and sales data. By connecting KORONA POS with CMS Max, businesses benefit from sales analytics and inventory management, while easily expanding their online presence. Updates on one platform are instantly reflected on the other, providing real-time accuracy and a seamless customer experience.

CMS Max Benefits

Real-Time Inventory Updates

Sales Data Analytics

Streamlined Inventory Operations

SEO Boost

ADA Compliance

Tax Calculation

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