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BlockChyp is the latest modern payment platform. We’ve partnered together so that our customers have the choice of choosing a transparent payment processor. BlockChyp enables solutions for their customers to personalize and market their brands with ease. BlockChyp also provides embedded payment solutions to end users that enable retailers to accept all forms of payment, including NFC, chip and pin, and cryptocurrency payments. With transparent pricing, easy-to-read statements, and zero hidden fees, BlockChyp brings merchants a truly modern payment service.

Pair in 5 Minutes

BlockChyp has the industry’s fastest terminal setup time.

Real Time Reports

Review all of your customer transactions in live time

No Gate Fees

BlockChyp owns the gateway, so there is no extra cost to you.

1.5 Sec Avg. EMV

Consistently fast EMV transaction times.

USA-Based Support

Fast and reliable support when you need it.

Advanced Security

Triple Encryption developed by BlockChyp.

“This is an exciting partnership for us. KORONA POS has the same mindset of serving main street merchants when most of the large systems have abandoned them. We are excited to partner with KORONA POS and for them to take advantage of BlockChyp’s fully customizable terminals with crypto payments. Together, this partnership will help merchants battle big box retailers.”

Jon Decker
BlockChyp Founder/CEO

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Interested in working together to help businesses grow and succeed? Discover new opportunities by partnering with KORONA POS. Let’s create a solution for people so they can make their goals happen.

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