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Self-Checkout App

Groc paves the modern way to self-checkout at grocery and retail stores. Shoppers can completely skip lines through scanning items in the mobile Groc app, then efficiently pay and save time.

Together, Groc and KORONA POS seamlessly integrates to create a connected database between the point of sale and mobile self-checkout app technology. No complicated installation is required and is completely plug-and-play. Groc’s solution improves the in-store customer experience through self-checkout directly from their mobile device. This convenient technology keeps customers from waiting in any lines and saves the customer precious time.

Groc Benefits:

Seamlessly Easy

Fast and simple no-contact checkout experience.

Save on Expenses

Groc doesn’t need a physical kiosk and saves on labor.

Boost Revenue

Increase revenue by keeping customers from waiting.

Groc is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play

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