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Automatic Tobacco Reporting & Benefits

Skandata by mKonnekt helps tobacco-selling businesses stay competitive by offering lower prices and getting money back for the discounts given. This gives loyal customers the best price while making and sending automatic sales reports to Operating Companies.

What is SkanData?

mKonnekt created Skandata as a platform to support the Scan Data program offered by tobacco companies. The Scan Data program benefits businesses to earn more and allows customers to receive discounts. This program enables businesses to showcase products at reduced prices and also receive reimbursements for the items they sell.

Together, the KORONA POS and Skandata partnership streamlines operations, allowing businesses to offer the advantages of the Altria Tobacco Company’s Digital Trade Program. The integration simplifies tracking tobacco sales, offers loyalty discounts, and automates necessary reporting. The platform collects and submits all required information to Altria for reimbursement, once products are scanned and purchased by a customer.

What are the benefits SkanData?

Earn additional revenue

Stay in compliance

Gain customer loyalty

Simplify data and reports

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