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With over 20 years of RFID development, RES has become an excellent provider of RFID solutions that help businesses manage their assets and inventory. Their cost-effective solutions have helped numerous businesses track their assets at every stage of the supply chain, from factory to store, with 100% guaranteed read rates.

RES has worked with some of the top retail stores, such as Gap, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Cartier, to name a few. Their modern RFID technology has enabled these retail giants to provide convenience and speed to their customers while making work life easier for their employees.

RES additionally offers an end-to-end solution for retail businesses with their RES Retail Inventory Management System (RIMS). RIMS features and benefits will help your operation even further and increase your sales.

Eliminate Errors and Shrinkage

Through inventory management and tracking with RIMS handheld application, find missing items quickly and accurately.

Reconcile Inventory with Ease

Enjoy taking inventory within minutes and getting 100% accurate results on product location, quantity, and item type.

Automate Checkouts

Make the checkout easier and faster by scanning multiple items in one single scan while avoiding any POS or cashier mistakes.

Enhance Customer Service

Create a personalized customer experience through different applications for your business needs.

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