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Integration Platform

Octopus Bridge is a product information management tool and a cloud-based integration platform helping bridge physical stores and eCommerce channels. This innovative integration allows KORONA POS to synchronize with a variety of eCommerce channels.

Octopus Bridge offers a seamless management of inventory, customers, and sales across eCommerce platforms and KORONA POS software. The software automatically updates your inventory when sold in-store, avoiding the oversell of products. Customer information is easily synced between the point of sale software and the website, allowing your business to track and analyze sales data. With Octopus Bridge’s solution, easily sell your products online and turn your store into an eCommerce channel.

Shopper Benefits

No shipping fees or costs

Quick and fast service

Item availability guarantee

Fast returns, refunds, and exchanges

Low-risk package theft

Retailer Benefits

Boost store traffic and sales

Minimalize shipping costs

Bulk delivery pickup point

Organized inventory management

Up to date price changes

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