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Payment Processor

Clearent, now part of Xplor Technologies following a merger with Transaction Services Group, is a full-service payment solutions provider. Clearent integrates software, payments, and commerce technologies helping businesses achieve their goals.

Image showing a woman handling a credit card transaction.

Clearent provides technology and solutions that streamline payment processing. By prioritizing partnership and collaboration, Clearent improves payment services. They work closely with partners to integrate payments and develop simple, secure payment processing solutions. Clearent has partnered with KORONA POS to offer seamless payment services to a variety of industries, even CBD and hemp stores.

Clearent Solutions

Payment Processing

Cash Discounting

Gift Cards & Loyalty

Automated Invoicing

Merchant Financing

Payment Protection


Merchant Services

Point of Sale

Mobile App

Virtual Terminal

Text to Pay

Hosted Payments

Partner with KORONA POS

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