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Accounting Software

Bookkeep is an accounting software with automation. The integration between Bookeep and KORONA POS offers a streamlined operation that significantly reduces manual data entry, saving businesses valuable time while increasing accuracy. This integration allows for a seamless transfer of sales data from KORONA POS to Bookkeep, providing real-time updates and robust financial reporting.

Bookkeep’s innovative accounting automation software is designed to streamline business financial processes. Simply have a smarter and easier way to manage accounting tasks through Bookkeeps solutions. From revenue accounting to sales tax automation, Bookkeep can help with a variety of business industries.

What Bookkeep Offers

Daily accurate sale summaries

Unlimited staff, accountants, or stakeholders

Repost financial data

Preview before posting journal entries

Cost of goods sold reporting

Online Gift Cards

Data edits

Revenue reporting

Who Bookkeep Serves





“With over 50 integrations and clients spanning huge brands on Shopify to retail chains using Square, Bookkeep is the category leader in automated accounting for retail, ecommerce, and restaurant.”


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