Revel Systems POS Review: Overview, Features, Pricing, Pros and Cons

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In the fast-paced world of business, efficiency is paramount. Every transaction, inventory update, and customer interaction must be seamlessly managed to ensure success. 

As businesses strive to adapt to evolving market demands, the need for a reliable POS system has never been greater. Merchants must have point of sale software that facilitates and quick and convenient checkout experience as well as provides powerful back-end features and automation.

In this in-depth review, we will uncover Revel System’s true capabilities. We’ll explore its features, applications, and the pros and cons that shape its reputation in the industry.

Revel Systems POS Review: Our Verdict

Revel systems : Our Verdict

Revel Systems is a powerful POS software for various industries, including specialty retail, quick-service, and full-service restaurants. It offers extensive features like inventory management, menu customization, and real-time data access, making it suitable for businesses needing robust operations support.

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However, Revel’s high cost, steep learning curve, and inconsistent customer support may be drawbacks. The system requires a three-year contract and a minimum purchase of two POS terminals, with prices starting at $99 per month per terminal. Despite its challenges, Revel’s flexibility and comprehensive features can enhance efficiency and customer experience across different business types.

Best For: Quick-Service Restaurants


  • Comprehensive and customizable features
  • Cloud-based and real-time data access
  • Robust integrations and third-party compatibility


  • High cost
  • Steep learning curve
  • Customer support issues


  • Revel Systems starts at $99 per month
  • Contracts are 3 year minimum
  • Processing is 2.49% for all in-person transactions

What Industries Does Revel Work For?

Like any POS system, Revel isn’t suited for every single type of business. Instead, the software is catered to certain industries.

Quick-Service Restaurants 

  • Food Trucks: Revel is a great fit for entrepreneurs starting food trucks with its iPad-based system, which is ideal for mobile operations. It offers menu customization and offline sales processing, ensuring smooth service without a reliable internet connection.
  • To-go counters: Revel streamlines operations for quick-service restaurants with features like user-friendly interfaces for fast order processing. It allows for combo meal creation and upselling options to boost revenue. It also integrates with kitchen display systems to minimize order errors and wait times. One of their biggest clients in this vertical is Halal Guys.
  • Delivery: Revel is an excellent choice for delivery businesses due to its robust order management and real-time tracking features. The system streamlines the delivery process by efficiently handling orders from multiple channels and providing accurate delivery status updates to customers. Its integration capabilities with various delivery platforms ensure seamless operations and enhance customer satisfaction.

Full-Service Restaurants

  • Table service restaurants: Revel enhances table service restaurants by offering table management and course selection features, allowing for smooth order routing and improved guest service. Kitchen display systems ensure clear communication between wait staff and the back of the house, minimizing errors and expediting meal preparation. Additionally, Revel can facilitate reservation management and loyalty programs.
  • Fine dining: Revel is a strong choice for fine dining establishments due to its advanced table management and customization features. The system supports a sophisticated dining experience by allowing staff to easily manage reservations, track table status, and customize orders.

Specialty Retail

Revel provides a comprehensive solution for specialty retail stores by offering strong sales and inventory management features tailored to their needs. Here are some industries they excel in:

  • Thrift: Its inventory management system tackles the challenge of tracking a large influx of donated items when running a thrift shop. Flexible pricing allows for quick adjustments at the register. Additionally, the system can be configured to handle in-kind donations and provide detailed receipts, streamlining operations for donors and the thrift store itself.
  • Others: Revel can also cater to other types of specialty and niche retailers. For example, they provide solutions to the brand Buff City Soap and the international pet supply company Petland.

Services and Appointments

  • Salon and Spa: While it might not be its number one strength, Revel offers a decent appointment-based point of sale solution for those opening a salon or spa. These solutions simplify spa operations with appointment scheduling, online booking capabilities, and client management tools. Inventory management helps stylists stay on top of product stock for coloring, styling, and hair care, minimizing delays and ensuring a seamless experience for each client.

Revel Systems POS Pricing

Here’s a breakdown of Revel’s pricing:

  • Base price: Revel starts at $99 monthly per terminal. This price includes employee management, inventory management, customer relationship management integration, and reporting analytics.
  • Contract requirement: One catch with Revel is that it requires a minimum three-year contract and a minimum purchase of two POS terminals.
  • Processing fees: Revel charges a flat fee of 2.49% on all in-person transactions.
  • Hardware costs: Revel runs on iPads as terminals.
  • Implementation fees: Optional onboarding and training services start at $674 and typically include hardware installation, software setup, and consultations.
  • Other things to consider: Revel is on the expensive end of retail POS systems. The advertised price is $99/month, but the effective cost becomes much higher with the required two terminals and a three-year contract.

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What Businesses Can Expect From Revel

While Revel is well-suited for a variety of businesses, there are several key features that make it stand out:

Key Features and Deciding Factors 

  • Focus on User Experience: Revel prioritizes a user-friendly interface for staff and customers. This can streamline order processing in restaurants, expedite checkout in retail stores, and simplify appointment scheduling in salons & spas.
  • Clienteling Features (for Retail): Revel offers features specifically designed for retail, such as clienteling. Staff can track customer purchase history and preferences, enabling personalized recommendations to increase average ticket size.
  • iPad-Based System: Revel runs exclusively on iPads, simplifying the decision for hardware. While iPad POS systems have some downsides (common objects of theft, slow performance, lack of customization), they are great for portability, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to use.
  • Self-Service Through Mobile and Kiosks: Revel provides clients with two modern technologies. The first is Revel Smart Order, an app through which customers can order and pay for food from their phones. The other is a self-service checkout solution called Kiosk XT.
  • API Integrations: Revel offers open APIs, allowing integration with various third-party applications. These enable businesses to customize and connect their system with tools they already use, such as accounting software or loyalty program platforms.
  • Streamlined Operations: Revel offers features that simplify tasks across different industries. These include user-friendly interfaces for quick order processing in restaurants, appointment scheduling, client management in salons and spas, and inventory management with real-time tracking (depending on the version) for retail businesses.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Features like table management in restaurants, online booking for appointments in salons & spas, and clienteling options in retail can enhance customer experiences and wait times.
  • Increased Sales Potential: Revel offers functionalities that can boost revenue – for instance, combo meal creation and upselling options in QSRs. It also allows for integrated sales of spa products alongside services, and loyalty program management across various industries.
  • Inventory Management: Revel helps businesses monitor stock levels. This can minimize stockouts, optimize ordering, and potentially reduce costs associated with overstocking.
  • Offline Functionality (with limitations): The system boasts some offline functionalities, helping businesses like food trucks to process sales without a constant internet connection. Keep in mind, however, that specific features might require an internet connection.
  • Flexibility and Customization: Revel offers an iPad-based system with various functionalities. Depending on the chosen version and add-on modules, businesses can customize the system to fit their needs and spaces.

Pros of Revel POS

Revel offers businesses an array of positive attributes. Below are some of the most notable  items:

Comprehensive and Customizable Features

Revel offers a wide range of features that cater to various business needs. This includes inventory management, employee time tracking, customer relationship management (CRM), and detailed reporting and analytics.

Its high level of customization allows businesses to tailor the system to their specific requirements, ensuring it fits seamlessly into their operations.

Cloud-Based and Real-Time Data Access

As a cloud-based system, Revel allows business owners to access data in real-time from anywhere with an internet connection. This promotes better management of multi-location businesses, as all data is centralized and updated instantaneously. 

Real-time data access helps make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. Plus, all key information and data are linked up through the Revel Data Connector, a business intelligence tool that provides insights at the management level.

Robust Integrations and Third-Party Compatibility

Revel integrates well with various third-party applications, such as accounting software, online ordering platforms, and payment processors. This interoperability enhances the system’s functionality and provides businesses with a cohesive ecosystem that supports various aspects of their operations, from financial management to customer service.

Cons of Revel POS

While the Revel system offers numerous advantages, it also has some drawbacks that potential users should consider. Here are four cons of the Revel system:

High Cost

Revel is known for being relatively expensive compared to some other POS solutions. The initial setup costs and ongoing subscription fees can be a significant investment, especially for small businesses or startups. This high cost serves as a barrier for companies with limited budgets.

Some customers have even reported that their monthly fees skyrocketed unsuspectingly.

Steep Learning Curve

Due to its extensive features and customization options, Revel can have a steep learning curve. New users may find it challenging to navigate and utilize all its functionalities effectively without substantial training.

This can lead to a longer onboarding process and POS training and may require dedicated resources to ensure employees are proficient in using the system.

Customer Support Issues

Some users have reported difficulties with Revel’s customer support, citing long wait times and inconsistent service quality. This can be a significant drawback for businesses that rely on timely support to resolve issues and minimize downtime.

Effective and reliable customer support is crucial for smooth operations, especially in high-pressure environments like retail and hospitality.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Revel Systems Point of Sale

Is Revel a good POS system?

Revel is a web-based POS system known for its comprehensive features and high level of customization, making it suitable for a wide range of businesses. However, its higher cost, extra fees, and steep learning curve may be drawbacks for some, particularly smaller companies or those with limited budgets. While Revel offers advanced capabilities and strong integration options, potential users should carefully consider their needs and resources before committing.

How much does Revel cost?

Revel pricing starts at around $99 per month per terminal, with additional costs for setup, installation, and any required hardware. Add-on features and integrations will also incur fees, increasing the overall cost. Businesses should get a customized quote from Revel to understand the total investment based on their specific needs and configurations.

Who uses Revel?

Various businesses widely use Revel, including restaurants, retail stores, and quick-service establishments. It’s particularly popular among quick-service restaurant chains. Additionally, companies that require extensive customization and integration with third-party applications often choose Revel for its flexibility and comprehensive feature set.

What are the cons of Revel?

The cons of Revel include its relatively high cost, which can be prohibitive for small businesses and startups. Users may also experience a steep learning curve due to the system’s extensive features and customization options, requiring significant training. Finally, some users have reported inconsistent customer support and dependence on a stable internet connection, which can affect performance during connectivity issues.


Thanks to its robust inventory management, menu customization, and data centralization, Revel is an effective solution for specialty retail stores, quick-service restaurants, and more. 

Despite its higher cost and challenging onboarding process, Revel offers extensive customization, real-time data access, and strong third-party integrations. Determining if Revel is the best choice hinges on your business needs and priorities.

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