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Selecting the right POS system is crucial for smoke shops to run their business efficiently. With age verification requirements, extensive inventories, and compliance with various regulations, smoke shops have unique needs that demand specialized POS software.

This guide explores the key features smoke shops must consider when evaluating POS systems for their tobacco retail business. It also provides recommendations for top POS system providers that are tailored for smoke shops. Read on for insights into choosing the best POS system to manage your smoke, vape, or tobacco shop smoothly and effectively.

Key Takeaways:

  • KORONA POS: Best overall smoke shop POS software
  • POS Nation: Best for bundling custom vape kits for customers
  • Cigar POS: Best for creating and printing barcodes and labels
  • RetailzPOS: Best for integrating with tobacco manufacturer loyalty programs

1. KORONA POS: Best Overall Smoke Shop POS Software

Picture illustrating the point of sale terminal of KORONA POS, considered one of the best POS systems for smoke shops.

KORONA POS overview

The system has built-in age verification via ID scanning for purchasing compliance. KORONA POS allows users to easily configure customized mix-and-match pricing, thresholds, bundles, and holiday promotions. It integrates with any payment processor, allowing shops to reduce credit card fees.

korona pos logo


  • Excellent customer support
  • ID customer verification
  • Multi-store capacities


  • Learning curve

Korona POS Pricing



  • Work with any processor
  • Unlimited users and sales
  • Customizable dashboard



  • All Core features
  • Inventory counts
  • Stock management


From $10 to $40

  • KORONA food
  • KORONA plus
  • KORONA invoicing

KORONA POS is the flagship product of COMBASE USA. COMBASE USA, founded in 2011, is the North American branch of Combase AG, a German company. They specialize in POS solutions designed to be adaptable and effective for various retail and business needs.

They cater to retail stores, restaurants, and even niche businesses like wineries and museums. When it comes to selecting the ideal POS software for smoke shops, the industry’s top recommendation is KORONA POS.

Key Features

  • Inventory management: With KORONA POS, you can seamlessly manage a diverse inventory range of tobacco products by using barcodes, from cigarettes and cigars to accessories and impulse purchases. What sets it apart is the ability to assign unique container quantities and special prices to each product code without the hassle of duplication or recounting.
  • Carton/pack inventory counting: For efficiency in receiving and counting inventory, KORONA POS enables carton/pack inventory counting. Staff can quickly enter the quantity of cartons or packs during shipments rather than counting each item individually. This saves smoke shops considerable time managing wholesale orders and stocking shelves.
  • Mix-match pricing and promotions: KORONA POS enables smoke shops to easily configure custom promotions. The system makes tailoring complex discounts and bundled deals to a shop’s unique products and marketing strategy simple and automated. KORONA POS lets owners directly encode mix-and-match offers, thresholds, holiday specials, and quantity incentives into the POS.
  • ID scanning for age verification and security: KORONA POS stands out as one of the best POS systems for smoke shops thanks to its ID scanning for age verification and enhanced security measures. With ID scanning capability, KORONA POS ensures strict adherence to age verification regulations, safeguarding your smoke shop from legal issues. ID scanning is fast and accurate and can be integrated with various scanners. This makes it easy for cashiers to check IDs quickly and easily without having to worry about making mistakes.
  • Processing-agnostic solution: With tight margins in the smoke shop industry, it’s crucial to partner with the most affordable payment processor. KORONA POS is payment processor-agnostic, giving smoke shops that flexibility. That means that smoke shops can choose to partner with any payment processor of their choice. Unlike POS systems that lock you into specific payment processors, KORONA POS integrates with all modern processors.

Are payment processors
giving you trouble?

We won’t. KORONA POS is not a payment processor. That means we’ll always find the best payment provider for your business’s needs.

  • Cashier permission levels: KORONA POS allows you to set different permission levels for each cashier. This protects your business from fraud and theft. KORONA POS includes various asset loss prevention features, such as employee time tracking, sales auditing, and access control. With detailed reports on cashier check-ins/outs, sales, and voids, managers can monitor employee performance and minimize theft.
  • Multi-location and franchise management: KORONA POS’s multi-location capabilities give smoke shop owners powerful tools for managing an expanding business. Centralized menu, employee, and inventory management streamline operations across all locations. Revenue/sales reporting provides visibility into overall performance or individual franchise profits.


  • Industry-specific compliance: KORONA POS shines in this area. It offers built-in age verification through ID scanning, a crucial feature for smoke shops. This can streamline the checkout process while ensuring you comply with age restrictions.
  • Excellent customer support: KORONA POS is consistently recognized for its great customer support. Existing users rave about their responsiveness and expertise. Whether you have a technical question or need help configuring a feature, their in-house team is readily available by phone, email, or even remote access to ensure your smoke shop operation keeps running smoothly.

The more I learn to use KORONA POS, and with the help of awesome customer support, the more I believe this POS system could be a very good fit for many types of businesses out there. What I love the most about this software is the 24/7 customer service and reporting function, which are very easy to use.

-Kevin L.

  • Inventory management for tobacco products: KORONA POS goes beyond basic inventory. It can handle the complexities of tracking tobacco products, including features like carton/pack tracking, low-stock alerts, and promotion management. This allows for better stock control and prevents lost revenue due to missed restocks.
  • Flexible pricing and promotions: Smoke shops often utilize mix-and-match pricing and bundle deals. KORONA POS allows easy configuration of these, along with customized thresholds and holiday promotions. This empowers you to optimize sales strategies and attract customers.
  • Payment processing freedom: Unlike some POS systems, KORONA POS isn’t tied to specific payment processors. Smoke shops can leverage this to find the best credit card processing rates, potentially saving on transaction fees.


  • Learning curve: While KORONA POS is generally user-friendly, there can be a learning curve for new users, especially when it comes to fully utilizing the advanced features. This might require additional training for your staff.
  • Mobile POS limitations: While KORONA POS offers a mobile POS option, reviews suggest it might not be as robust as the desktop version. For smoke shops that prioritize a seamless mobile checkout experience, this could be a drawback.


KORONA POS offers a base subscription along with optional add-on modules for specific functionalities. Here’s a breakdown of their pricing structure:

Subscription Plans:

  • KORONA POS Core: $59/month – Basic POS functionality for standard business operations
  • KORONA POS Retail: $69/month – Adds advanced inventory management and automation features

Optional Add-on Modules:

  • KORONA Franchise: +$30 per month per franchise – for managing multiple franchise locations
  • KORONA Integration: +$45 per month per token – allows integrating KORONA with other business applications
  • KORONA Food: +$10 per month per terminal – ideal for restaurants and cafes with table service functionalities
  • KORONA Invoicing: +$10 per month per terminal – enables sending invoices to clients and suppliers
  • KORONA Ticketing: +$50 per month per gate – suits amusement parks and similar venues requiring admission ticketing

Important Pricing Notes:

  • KORONA POS uses a month-to-month subscription model, so there are no contracts.
  • All plans include automatic software updates and phone/email support.

Additional Costs to Consider:

  • Hardware: KORONA POS is a software solution, so users will need to purchase separate hardware like tablets or computers to run it. Costs can vary depending on the chosen devices, but KORONA POS can run on most modern hardware devices, so businesses can likely keep existing POS equipment.

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2. POS Nation: Best For Bundling Custom Vape Kits For Customers

Picture illustrating the hardware of POS Nation, one of the most common point of sale solutions for smoke shops.

POS nation overview

POS Nation is recognized as a top supplier of POS software tailored for cigar stores. While the solution lacks some flexibility with payments and higher up-front costs, it comes with various appealing features, establishing it as a strong option for smoke shop owners. 

pos nation logo


  • Good customer support
  • Age verification
  • Great reporting features


  • Not RACS-compliant
  • Not too many software integrations

POS Nation Pricing

Flex Monthly


  • Lifetime warranty
  • 24/7 supports

Freedom Plan


  • Year hardware warranty
  • Requires POS nation processing agreement – includes free pin pad
  • No long-term contracts

Custom Builds

Custom-built POS

  • Multiple payment options in the custom-build POS
  • New customers get a one-time discount code
  • Requires processing agreement

Founded in 2001, POSNation is a US-based company offering point of sale systems specifically designed for various retail businesses. Their core strength lies in serving convenience stores, liquor stores, tobacco shops, and hardware stores, but their solutions also extend to lawn and garden centers, grocery stores, and even clothing stores.

Key Features

  • Carton-pack inventory tracking: POS Nation simplifies inventory management for products sold in multiple configurations. The software has several features that enable linking cases, packs, and single-item inventory while automatically updating quantities. When a cashier sells a single cigar from a pack or carton, the POS automatically reduces the available pack and carton inventory. With POS Nation’s carton-pack inventory tracking, smoke shops can painlessly track intricately packaged tobacco products.
  • Reduce retail shrinkage: POS Nation’s CAP Retail POS system includes powerful features to minimize costly shrinkage. To prevent theft, granular employee permissions control access to actions like returns and cancellations. Inventory tracking logs reasons for stock loss, whether due to employee errors or shoplifting. Blind drawer counts enable surprise cash audits to catch discrepancies immediately. With POS Nation’s employee management, inventory tracking, and cash drawer controls, smoke shops can significantly reduce unexplained losses.
  • POS reporting: POS Nation offers over 50 pre-built reports to help smoke shop owners and managers easily track sales, inventory, customers, and employees. Key reports include daily sales summaries (showing revenue, costs, and profit margins), departmental sales breakdowns detailing top-selling items, inventory reports listing current stock levels and reorder needs, and sales rep performance reviews. With the ability to customize date ranges and create custom reports, POS Nation provides insightful retail sales analytics that smoke shops require to efficiently run operations, identify top-performing products, optimize inventory, and drive business growth.
  • Auto ranking: Smoke shops can optimize inventory and increase sales with POS Nation’s Auto Ranking feature. This AI-powered tool analyzes real-time sales data and automatically assigns letter grades (A-D) to each product. Best-selling items are marked with an A, while slow-moving inventory is flagged with a D. With this easy visual cue, smoke shop owners and staff can instantly identify top-performing products to promote and popular brands to reorder. Deadstock stuck on shelves is also quickly spotted, so you can mark down or discontinue those items.


  • Scalability and customization: POS Nation caters to businesses of various sizes. Smoke shops can choose a plan with the features they need and scale up as their business grows.
  • Robust reporting features: POS Nation offers over 55 prebuilt reports and additional customizations. You can view reports on virtually every aspect of your business or export them to Excel for further analysis.


  • Poor customer support: Customer support emerges as a potential weak spot for POS Nation, particularly for smoke shops with specialized needs. Reviews on established platforms and user forums suggest that POS Nation might have shortcomings in this area.
  • Focus on hardware sales: POS Nation often bundles its software with hardware purchases. While this can be convenient, it might not be the most cost-effective option if you already have compatible hardware. Explore the option of using your existing equipment to avoid unnecessary hardware purchases.


POS Nation offers two main pricing options with different costs:

Pre-Built Packages

  • Flex monthly: This plan costs $149 per month and includes the following: POS software, touch PC,  credit card machine pinpad, barcode scanner, 24/7 unlimited support and training, lifetime warranty, and processing agreement obligation.
  • Freedom: For a one-time payment of $999, you can purchase all the hardware in the Flex”plan to own it outright. You then pay a monthly fee for POS software and support. In the long run, this option can be cheaper than the monthly plans, but you’ll have to pay a larger upfront cost. This plan also requires a POS processing agreement and offers a 2-year warranty contract.


POS Nation’s “customize your need” pricing structure refers to its Custom Build option. This lets you tailor the POS system to your business requirements by choosing individual hardware components and software features.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can customize:

  • Hardware: You can select specific hardware components like a touch screen monitor, receipt printer, barcode scanner, cash drawer, and credit card reader. POS Nation offers various options within each category, allowing you to choose based on features and budget.
  • Software features: POS Nation offers a variety of software features beyond the core functionalities. In the custom build option, you can choose between Shopify Integration or QuickBooks online accounting integration.

3. Cigars POS: Best For Creating And Printing Barcodes And Labels

Picture showing the screen display of Cigars POS, a point of sale system designed for smoke shops

Cigars POS overview

Cigars POS focuses on providing POS solutions specifically tailored for tobacco shops, including cigar, smoke, and pipe shops.

Cigars POS facilitates creating and printing barcodes and labels and improves inventory management with unique barcodes for each product.

The system efficiently handles carton-pack inventory, allowing tracking at both bulk carton and single-pack levels. On-the-go item management from mobile devices is supported, enabling updates to inventory, prices, and product details.


  • Smoke-shop specifics features
  • Scan data reporting
  • Great analytics features


  • Can be more expensive for smaller shops
  • Learning curve
  • Limited integrations

Cigars POS Pricing

Cigars POS Flex Monthly


  • Inventory management
  • Tip management
  • Customer management



  • Clock in/clock out
  • Inventory matrix
  • Inventory adjustments

Custom Build

Premium pricing

  • 1 Hour a month of phone support
  • Barcode manager
  • Low stock alerts

Cigars POS is a US-based company specializing in POS systems for tobacco shops, particularly cigar stores. Their features are clearly tailored to the cigar industry.

Since their focus is specific, Cigars POS might not be the best choice for businesses outside the tobacco retail sector. Similar to POS Nation, Cigars POS does not offer payment processing flexibility.

Key Features

  • Inventory management: Cigars POS can track individual cigars, packs, and cartons, making it easy to keep track of stock and avoid overselling. It also includes features like case breaking and kit building to help you create custom offerings for your customers. Business owners can split packs or cases of cigarettes and cigars into individual items for sale to easily and automatically track a tobacco shop’s inventory. Cigars POS enables real-time inventory tracking and management for unlimited products. It allows you to track product quantities, set reorder points, and get alerts when popular items run low, so you can keep your shelves fully stocked.

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  • Performance analytics: Cigars POS comes with powerful reporting and analytics tools that provide valuable insights into your tobacco shop’s sales performance. It includes specific reports from major tobacco companies like R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris. You can also use the system to track sales trends, see which products are selling best, and make data-driven decisions to grow your business, all accessible on your computer or mobile device. Cigars POS provides a variety of reports and analytics, such as sales trends, product popularity, and employee productivity.
  • Customer loyalty: Cigars POS helps you build customer loyalty with flexible features like a points-based loyalty program. You can set up the system to automatically award points for every dollar customers spend. Customers can then redeem accumulated points for discounts on future purchases, such as getting 10% off for every 100 points earned.
  • Age verification: The software can automatically verify the age of customers purchasing tobacco products, forcing you (and all of your cashiers) to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  • Scan data reporting: Cigars POS also allows smoke shops to participate in tobacco Scan Data programs. These programs are offered by tobacco manufacturers and allow smoke shops to earn rebates and other benefits based on their sales of certain tobacco products. To participate in a tobacco scan data program, smoke shops must collect scan data for eligible tobacco products. This data is then submitted to the tobacco manufacturer on a regular basis. The tobacco manufacturer will then review the data and issue rebates and other benefits to the smoke shop.


  • Laser focus on tobacco: Cigars POS understands the complexities of smoke shop inventory. It boasts features like individual cigar tracking (beyond just packs or cartons), support for breaking down cases, and kit building for custom offerings.
  • Compliance assistance: Age verification and tax calculations are crucial for smoke shops. Cigars POS integrates seamlessly with age verification systems and ensures accurate tax application, reducing the risk of non-compliance issues.
  • Customer management perks: Cigars POS offers built-in customer management features. Implement loyalty programs to reward repeat customers and track buying habits to personalize future promotions. This can foster customer loyalty and boost sales.
  • Ease of Use: Cigars POS is designed with smoke shop owners in mind. The interface is reportedly user-friendly, making it easy for your staff to learn and navigate the system, minimizing training time.
  • Industry-specific reporting: Beyond basic sales figures, Cigars POS offers reports tailored to the smoke shop industry. Track sales by brand, analyze cigar humidor performance and identify popular blends.


  • No free trial: Cigars POS doesn’t currently offer a free trial. This can be a drawback, especially for smoke shop owners who want to test the software and ensure it aligns with their needs before committing.
  • Limited third-party integrations: While Cigars POS integrates with age verification systems, it has fewer integrations with other business management tools compared to more general POS systems. Explore if it connects with your existing accounting software or marketing platforms.
  • Scalability for multi-store owners: Cigars POS might not be the most scalable solution for multi-store smoke shop owners. Reviews suggest its reporting features are less robust for managing inventory and sales across multiple locations.


Cigars POS offers two pricing structures. A “pre-built package” and “a customized your needs”

Pre-Buit Software Packages

Cigars POS Flex Monthly: $149 / month

  • Hardware Included: Widescreen touch PC, thermal receipt printer, barcode laser scanner, pin pad, mini keyboard, 16 in. cash drawer
  • Support: 24/7 support and unlimited training
  • Requirement: Cigars POS processing agreement

Cigars POS Freedom: $1,199 Hardware Bundle

  • Hardware Included: Widescreen touch PC, thermal receipt printer, barcode laser scanner, mini keyboard, 16 in. cash drawer
  • Payment: Monthly for POS software and support
  • Warranty: 2-Year hardware warranty
  • Requirement: Cigars POS processing agreement (includes free pin pad)
  • Contract: No long-term contracts

Custom-Built Solution

Cigars POS provides a “Build & Price Tool” tool on their website. This tool allows you to select the specific functionalities you need, and the system dynamically calculates the corresponding monthly cost. For any questions or need for further customization beyond the tool’s options, CigarsPOS recommends contacting their sales team directly.

Here are some key aspects you can customize in CigarsPOS:

  • Number of terminals: Select the number of devices (tablets, computers) where you’ll be using the POS system. This directly impacts the monthly cost.
  • Cigars POS software: Choose from various functionalities like cash discounting, Quickbooks and Shopify integrations, Priority Rush, and inventory import service.
  • Age verification scanners: Cigars POS offers four barcode scanners. They offer wireless laser barcode scanners, laser barcode scanners, POS-X Presentation-style laser barcode scanners, and 1D and 2D imaging barcode scanners. Pick the one that suits your needs and your budget.
  • Label printers: Select between the label printer Dymo 550 and the label printer Zebra ZD410.

Additional Considerations

While Cigars POS emphasizes no hidden fees, be sure to double-check the quote for any additional costs associated with specific features or integrations you choose. The website doesn’t explicitly mention contracts, so it’s always a good idea to confirm the billing terms (month-to-month vs. annual commitment) before finalizing your plan.

4. RetailzPOS: Best For Integrating With Tobacco Manufacturer Loyalty Programs

Picture illustrating the hardware of RetailzPOS with a screenshot of its software logo on the screen


RetailzPOS is another great choice for the best smoke shop POS system. It supports dual pricing to account for credit card processing fees, allowing shops to maintain profit margins.

The system also integrates with tobacco manufacturer loyalty programs through robust scanning capabilities to earn rewards.


  • Auto UPC generation
  • Master database
  • Employee management features


  • Poor customer support
  • Pricing isn’t clear
  • No free trial

RetailzPOS Pricing

Hardware Bundle:


  • Screen monitor
  • Cash drawer
  • Scanner

Software Plan:


  • Level 3 scan data
  • Age verification products
  • Dual pricing

Based in the city of Griffin, Georgia, RetailzPOS seems like a good option if you run a tobacco, liquor, or convenience store and are looking for a user-friendly POS system with dedicated support.

They also have a mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. The software helps you assign unique product codes for all your tobacco products.

Key Features

  • Dual pricing possibilities: RetailzPOS accepts credit card payments involving processing fees, so this smoke shop POS system supports setting separate regular and credit card prices. Store owners can assign a regular cash price alongside a slightly higher credit/debit price for each product, including cigars, vapes, and accessories. RetailzPOS will total the appropriate prices based on the selected payment type when checking out a customer. This dual pricing capability enables smoke shops to build credit card fees into their pricing structure seamlessly within the POS software.
  • Scanning data capacity: RetailzPOS enables smoke shops to participate easily in cigarette and tobacco manufacturer loyalty programs through its robust scanning data capabilities. Retailers can earn cash-back rewards from brands based on sales volume and performance by tracking and submitting scan data on products like Marlboro, Camel, and more. RetailzPOS partners with major tobacco companies like Altria and R.J. Reynolds to provide detailed analytics on product movement.
  • eCommerce integration: The POS system provides seamless integration with eCommerce platforms, allowing customers to browse products on a retailer’s website and complete purchases online. Shoppers can also buy online and pick up in-store or return web orders at a physical location. This omnichannel experience provides the flexibility and convenience that today’s consumers demand. With RetailzPOS, inventory, order, and customer data seamlessly flow between the website and POS. 
  • Master database: RetailzPOS equips retailers with a central master database for managing all product information in one place. The POS system allows easy tracking of item descriptions, pricing, tax rates, and other details. Store owners can quickly edit the database to add new products, adjust prices, or update inventory counts. The master database seamlessly integrates with checkout to ensure transactions reflect current pricing and promotions. It also enables accurate reporting on sales records and stock levels.


  • Cash-back integration: RetailzPOS’s CashBack feature enhances the customer experience by providing the convenience of cash withdrawal during transactions. This added service not only attracts more customers but also encourages them to spend more, knowing they have access to cash if needed, thereby increasing sales volume.
  • Advanced security and loss prevention: By integrating NVR (Network Video Recorder) functionalities, RetailzPOS ensures comprehensive security measures. The NVR text inserters overlay relevant data on security footage, aiding in event search and sharing. This not only helps deter theft but also assists in resolving disputes and identifying areas for operational improvement, thereby minimizing losses due to shrinkage and accounting errors.


  • Limited independent reviews: While RetailzPOS highlights its smoke shop features, in-depth reviews from smoke shop owners themselves might be limited compared to more established POS systems.
  • Pricing transparency: RetailzPOS pricing structure might not be readily available online. Be sure to get a clear quote that outlines the cost of features relevant to your smoke shop’s needs to avoid any surprises. This will allow you to compare it to other POS systems.


RetailzPOS doesn’t offer its users many options but keeps the pricing details and structure quite simple. Check out their hardware bundle and monthly subscription plan below:

Hardware Bundle: $999


  • Screen monitor
  • Cash drawer
  • Scanner
  • Receipt printer

Software Plan: $40/month


  • Level 3 scan data
  • Age verification products
  • Dual pricing
  • Back office support

Additional Details

  • Cancellation Policy: No cancellation charges
  • Contract Terms: No contracts

Best POS System For Smoke Shops: Conclusion

The top four recommended point of sale systems for smoke shops are KORONA POS, POS Nation, Cigars POS, and RetailzPOS. KORONA POS stands out as the most comprehensive choice, offering greater flexibility in terms of payment processing, pricing options, and inventory management features.

However, RetailzPOS POS Nation and Cigars POS also provide essential features necessary for the tobacco retail industry, including carton/pack inventory tracking, employee access controls, detailed reporting, age verification, and more.

If you’re in the market for a POS system for your smoke shop, don’t hesitate to click the button below to connect with one of our product specialists. They can provide you with more information on how KORONA POS can benefit your business.

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