8 Reasons to Get a Cloud-Based Point of Sale (POS) System

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Your point of sale (POS) system should be affordable, up-to-date, well-integrated into your store, and do more than simply process payments. This may seem like a tall order but today’s POS game has followed the tech trend and gone into the cloud. Cloud-based point of sale systems are no longer a luxury for a business; they are essential. These systems will help streamline your business in a surprising number of ways, from inventory and reporting to management features and customer service. Don’t let your point of sale system hinder your business any longer. A cloud POS for your retail store can help bring your business to another level of success. Here is our look at several of the most important reasons to make the switch.

1. Added Mobility and Flexibility

Most importantly, this type of POS technology can save you time and provide you with more consistency and efficiency, all of which means more money. Cloud-based systems give you data in real time, allowing you to act and adjust more quickly. It also enables you to process transactions offline and avoid constant reboots. That way you can avoid losing a sale or having to appease a disgruntled customer.

2. Cloud POS Inventory Management

inventory posYour inventory management should never hurt your business. Under a cloud-based system, inventory can be done in real time from any location, even when you are offline. This will help ensure that you keep an optimal stock level of each item. Running out of stock loses you sales while being overstocked ties up your cash. Avoid both of these with an improved inventory system.

3. In-Depth Data and Reporting

Like your inventory, cloud software can forecast data and analyze trends in real time. Your POS should be there as a guide to more sales. Reports focusing on best/worst sellers, day-to-day sales patterns, sales per transaction, inventory values and many others are readily available with a cloud-based system.

4. Improved Customer Support

Phone or chat support must be 24/7 every day of the year. Ideally, these calls or texts are minimal, but it’s important that they are there for you when you need it most. Your business can’t afford to lose sales because of a dated POS system or poor customer service. Chat-based support for smaller issues and immediate phone support for larger issues are essential. These issues will be fewer and farther between when using cloud-based software. Moreover, the support itself is faster; technicians no longer have to log into remote servers but can instead access your account through the cloud as well. 

5. Integrate with Other Business Management Tools

Under the cloud, your point of sale can manage email marketing, loyalty programs and other forms of customer relationship management (CRM). Combining any or all of your CRM into one platform saves you time and money and ensures consistency and an ease of communication with each customer.

6. Employee Management Features

Like CRM, your POS can also aid in managing your employees. Scheduling, payroll, accounting, adjustable levels of access and shift reports are just a few of the features possible with a cloud point of sale. This also saves time, lessens stress and prevents small mistakes, all of which means more money for your business.

7. Keep Up with New Payment Methods

mobile payment pos

Your payment processing should obviously be integrated into your POS, but it should also be capable of accepting newer forms of payment, like chipped cards and near field communication (NFC). Not only does this keep transactions fast and easy, but it also meets each guest’s expectation. Don’t let the last impression seem sloppy. The payment world is changing fast and your point of sale system should adapt along with it.

8. Let Your Employees Focus on the Customer

Too often you hear staff complaints that their point of sale is a headache. We’ve all seen an employee get flustered over an annoying transaction. Having the right cloud-based POS will alleviate some of this stress and let your employee focus on what matters, giving each customer a better experience.

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It’s pretty cool that your point of sale has gone from a necessary inconvenience to something that can work for you and your growing business. And it’s cloud-based technology that has ushered in this change. More and more large and small businesses are making the switch to this software. Find out more how Korona’s cloud-based retail point of sale can help grow your business to its full potential.

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