What small retail needs to learn in order to grow sales

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How small enterprises can realize growth

Immense resources are available to small businesses seeking to achieve growth in their operations. These resources outline what strategies such companies should take, what they need to avoid, how they can leverage on what they have and much more. Part of the resources that small enterprises need to learn from to grow is big companies because there are a lot of similarities between the two. Here is some insight on how small businesses can realize the expansion of their operations.

Investing in technology

Huge firms invest in automation of their operations so as to realize the most out of their operations. As a result, those working in such enterprises shift focus from routine activities that may be less important to focus on critical functions of the business. Small firms need to embrace this approach as well by identifying the manual operations that they can automate.

That will help them realize much within a shorter period, which ultimately promotes growth. Some of the aspects of the business that can be improved using technology include data entry, booking appointments through apps, among other things.


Owners of small firms should consider releasing some of their responsibilities to their juniors. It is not possible to achieve the best if they keep handling everything by themselves. That will deny them the opportunity of taking advantage of avenues that will spur positive change in the organization. Therefore, delegation is the best strategy to embrace in this case because it will help them shift their attention on how they can grow the business while the company is running.

Becoming data-driven

The data available to small businesses is a great resource because it helps executives in such entities to make better decisions. Also, there are numerous details available on the online platform that big firms use as well to realize success. That means that small enterprises can leverage the same tools to achieve profitability and growth.

Some of these tools include retail point of sale (retail POS), which helps track sales, inventory, as well as the behavior of customers. Monitoring traffic and online sales are possible through the use of Google Analytics for companies operating on the online platform.

Training of staff

Though some small business managers may not view training of employees as a significant investment in their operations, big companies value this approach. They spend time and money to invest in improving the skills of their workforce from time to time, to realize corporate success.

That is something that small entities that are seeking to achieve growth should consider as part of their strategies in achieving this goal. By doing so, staff feels appreciated, and that can bear a positive impact on their performance, which will lead to the success of the establishment as a whole.

Some of the ways you can employ an effective training program in your small business include having a detailed training plan for new recruits, uploading training materials regarding the policies and procedures of your operations online, for staff to access, among others.

If you do not have such programs in place or the resources to develop courses, you should partner with third-party providers of training services. They have immense knowledge and resources that will equip staff adequately for success.


It is not possible to realize growth if you are bent to maintain the old ways of doing things. Rising to the challenge of embracing change is important for every business and large firms appreciate this fact by how they take innovation seriously. Your competitors are out to leverage on new opportunities, and if you are not careful, they may phase you out of the market.

As such, innovation will not only protect you from competitors and help you survive harsh market conditions, but it will also ensure your adaptability to the changes that affect businesses in one way or another. Also, that can be one of the strategies of realizing the growth of your customer base, which will lead to the expansion of the enterprise as a whole.

Some large establishments have gone to the extent of setting up ‘innovation labs,’ which act as incubation areas where new ideas are discovered. That is how such businesses remain afloat while achieving more. Hence, to some extent, it may be difficult to realize your aspirations of growth as a small business owner in the real world, if you do not embrace innovation.

While you may not have the resources to set up such labs because of the size of your firm, you can cultivate a culture that inspires new creations within your business. One way to do that can be by encouraging employees to find new ways to approach different situations in their operations. In effect, that can yield great organizational change, which can spur growth.

Collaboration between departments

Working together towards achieving the same goal or having the same focus on what your business intends to make is essential for your enterprise. As such, as you aspire to grow your entity, you need to find ways in which all departments can work together. That level of collaboration will provide insight on the responsibility of each employee towards the common objective, and they will work towards realizing the same.

Differences in focus, opinions, as well as strained relations between various departments in small firms, yields serious communication breakdown. Ultimately, that tears the company apart, thus crippling it completely. It is your responsibility as the owner of that business to ensure that all workers are working together and any differences that arise are solved within the shortest time possible.

That way, growth will be the result of this kind of collaboration in addition to the innovations and skills that this approach helps staff members realize.


Expansion is possible for small businesses, but that will depend on the strategy that such enterprises opt to use towards achieving that objective. Also, the role that each member of staff plays towards realizing growth is critical for the firm, which is why it is important to engage all stakeholders. The insight shared here is instrumental for small establishment owners who take the time to implement what they learn from each of the approaches discussed, for the deployment of their expansion plans.

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