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Website Planet recently spotlighted KORONA POS in an insightful interview with Michael Chalberg, the company’s Vice President of Marketing. The interview explores some pressing issues facing the point of sale (POS) industry and how KORONA POS addresses these challenges. Here are the key highlights:

Current Challenges in the POS Industry

Chalberg identified several critical issues that retailers face with their POS systems:

  • Insecure Systems: Vulnerability to cyberattacks due to inadequate encryption and insecure remote access
  • Risky Vendors: Many POS vendors do not comply with security regulations
  • Mismatch in Needs: Difficulty in selecting POS systems that align with specific business requirements
  • Installation & Support Issues: Downtime and compatibility issues due to installation problems and insufficient POS staff training
  • Hidden Costs: Unexpected costs from service interruptions and other operational disruptions

These challenges emphasize the need for secure, reliable, transparent POS solutions.

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Solutions Offered by KORONA POS

KORONA POS is addressing these industry challenges with several innovative solutions:

  • Cloud-Based Software: Regular updates and feature enhancements ensure users always have the latest tools
  • Seamless Integrations: Partnerships with industry specialists offer robust and smooth integrations
  • Open API: Allows merchants to develop custom features and integrations, enhancing the software’s flexibility and adaptability
  • Comprehensive Features: Customizable employee permissions, advanced inventory management, real-time analytics, and marketing tools at the POS terminal

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Chalberg highlighted several trends that will shape the future of the POS industry:

  • Enhanced Integrations: Better-structured software and increased developer resources will make seamless integrations more common
  • Diverse Solutions: A growing number of POS solutions will drive competition and improve infrastructure and customer support
  • Transparent Pricing: Modern POS providers are moving towards more transparent and flexible pricing models, away from long-term contracts and hidden fees

Staying Updated and Adapting

Merchants must stay informed and adopt new technologies. Explore product demos, free trials, and user reviews to find the best POS solutions. Embracing innovations like RFID technology, eCommerce enhancements, and loyalty programs will be crucial for businesses to stay competitive.


Website Planet’s interview with Michael Chalberg underscores KORONA POS’s commitment to addressing current POS challenges and leveraging future trends to provide retailers with reliable, advanced, and transparent solutions. This feature highlights KORONA POS’s proactive approach to improving retail operations and customer satisfaction.

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