How to gain retail sales from back to school marketing

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Every back to school period presents opportunities for retailers to maximize their sales. However, the marketing techniques employed by a particular retailer dictates the success rate or otherwise. This year, it is expected that the back to school period will see high spending in comparison to last year; one of the contributing factor being that the economic status is not as worrying as it was last year.

The other major contributing factor is as research reveals, where experts point out that the back to school shopping takes place in two cycles, the stock up and the make do cycles. Last year, the back to school shopping presented the make do cycle, meaning low spending as consumers re-use some of the products they acquired the previous period. It is only logical that 2016 will present a stock up cycle, a more spending cycle that offers a good chance for retailers to make more sales.

The question that remains now is how the retailers can utilize the opportunity to gain more sales. Below is a highlight of how the retailers can seize the opportunity.

Early stocking and embracing digital marketing

Consumers have increasingly embraced digital marketing. The online shopping experience has improved over time, giving confidence and, therefore, increasing the number of shoppers online. Retailers who are not utilizing the platform are missing out, given that consumers are taking advantage of the same, and particularly when the option of package shipping is availed. Consumers are also expected to shop earlier, say a month or two before the back to school moments. This means that retailers need to stock up early to enjoy the opportunity.

Follow the trends

Every season comes with a unique trend. Every retailer should be in a position to incorporate the current trend, as it captures the attention of the consumers. As an example, Pokemon Go has in recent days been a trending thing, a feature that any retailer should not ignore. Incorporating a recent trend means that the retailer is up to date and relevant, and consumers will definitely purchase from such retailer over those who have no such features.


This is one of the most effective promotional tactics that every retailer should consider. With the social media impact on the society being huge, giveaway can generate the attention that a retailer needs. The giveaway tactic, however, requires creative energy so as to not only result in additional costs with no significant incremental sales. An example of how a retailer can utilize the giveaway technique is by partnering with influential brands or setting up a contest that will see more consumers flocking the retail store.

Involve the kids and demonstrate what your products do

The period involves the kids, and it is only logical to involve them. A retailer can utilize the kids in more than one way, example as a source of vital information on what the kids want to acquire during the back to school season. This helps the retailer to stock products that are relevant and on demand. The other technique is demonstrating what your products do, in that way, not just pushing the consumers to buy, but to purchase because it makes sense.

Be a source of information

Consumers do not only want to shop; they appreciate all the help they can get. Being a source of valuable information can see a retailer’s sales shoot higher than before. This is where a retailer provides useful tips to the consumers, allowing them to make informed decisions on what to purchase this back to school season.

Every retailer looks forward to making more sales during the back to school season. By utilizing the highlighted marketing tips, the same will be possible.

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