5 Simple Ways to Improve your Customer’s In-Store Experience

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If you are in business, and you own a retail store, then you already know that there are other stores down the street or online retailers that offer similar products as you do and this means you’re in a competition. This direct competition may lead to a bidding war that you can’t always expect to win since cutting prices way too low might result in low margins or insolvency. The only strategy that can work is making the product you sell secondary to your customers’ general shopping experience and ensuring that it’s not always the merchandise that will be the only driving motivation that brings the shoppers to your store. You can make your products souvenirs of an outstanding shopping experience to your customers through the following simple ways;

Train your employees to be happy for clients

Many employees may not be able to afford the luxury products that your customers come to buy which might lead to jealousy. This bad blood will always affect the ability of your salesperson to build a good rapport with your clients. You can avoid this by using a proper retail sales training program that will teach your sales staff to live in a vicarious manner throughout the whole sales process. The training program will help your employees see the value in the experience they provide besides learning to enjoy the thrill of having clients to buy the items.

Make it all about the customer because you can’t win on price

Try as much as you can to win over the heart of your customers by providing an exceptional customer experience as a strategy. They will end up buying the product as a souvenir of that experience having been prioritized as the most important individuals in the store. Forget about the analytical sales approach that insists on price as the most important thing regarding what is and what is not in the market among other trends. The fact remains you will never win when it comes to prices as your customers can easily dump you for an online store right on the spot via their Smartphones.

Make a great first impression

It always starts with engagement. Your sales team makes the first impression to your customers when they enter your store. The first step in engagement is building a proper rapport. The best way your sales team can do this is by starting with a warm welcome through basic greetings and a genuine desire to connect with the customers. If they are mostly disengaged and chat by themselves while browsing the Internet and checking Facebook while leaning against the display table, this will signify apathy. Customers will walk away and head to the next store where they will get better treatment. A retail sales training can also help your sales team to get in the game and be on their toes to engage with customers as soon as they enter your store.

Make your customers happy through your employees

Satisfied employees make satisfied customers, and this is why your employees should be your front-line. Employees are the public face of your business because they deal directly with customers. If they are uninformed or unhappy, customers will notice, and they won’t be happy with the service. In contrast, if they are well trained, happy, informed and educated, they will display greater confidence and job satisfaction that will impact customers positively. Giving your employees tools and knowledge they need to succeed will promote satisfaction and confidence that will be transparent to your clients. Well-trained salespeople who are confident will know how to read customers and get them to talk about what motivates them to buy.

Close the sale by making the next appointment with your customers

Be warm to your clients and befriend them. Try to learn some few things about them as they also learn from you and the store. You can share your contact so that you can notify them on new arrivals etc. At least, they should know that the service is not a one-time occasion.

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